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TomTom One XL Widescreen In-Car Sat Nav - GB, Regional & Europe Review

TomTom's Best Selling Satellite Navigator Gets Wider...

Tomtom One XLPhew, from out of the blue comes the TomTom One XL, in regional or Europe flavours. The original TomTom One, and its follow-up have been great successes, and the unit has now been updated with a lovely widescreen, but still in a slimline case. Let's take a closer look in our review.

The One comes in two map options; the Regional (GB) comes with just the map of the country where you bought it, whereas the XL European comes with street level maps of Western Europe . At launch there is only a £30 price difference between the two, so the TomTom Europe XL looks like a bargain at around £280, and the Regional XL a snip at £250.

The One has built its success around the simple formula of ease of use and reliability. To find your destination just put the Full Post-Code or address in via the touch-sensitive screen and you'll be quickly guided to where you want to go by bright, clear 3D maps and loud clear voice instructions.

Fixed position Speed Cameras are pre-installed, so as you approach any Safety Cameras the unit bleeps and a little camera icon (which includes the speed you should be traveling at) appears on the screen. This is a welcome addition to the POI files, but you'll have to subscribe to TomTom Plus to keep it up to date, and the unit will not warn you of mobile laser or radar speed traps.

On the subject of Poi's the TomTom One XL has thousands. This means at the touch of a button the unit will guide you to the nearest petrol station, cash point, parking, or dozens of other categories of destinations.

With a little practice you can use the TomTom to avoid traffic congestion, or use your Bluetooth phone to download information so the unit can do it automatically.

Access the option screens and night colours, 2D and many, many other functions can be personalized, but leave these alone until you've got used to A to B route finding, then you'll be ok with the more advanced features.

The widescreen definitely adds to the unit, and it's great that TomTom have kept the unit relatively slim, so the One XL will appeal to those who find the more expensive Go units, the 510, 710, and 910 too big. Not as small as a Garmin Nuvi, but still compact enough to fit in your pocket or hand-bag.

The device sticks to your windscreen with the supplied sucker mounting, and you'll also find in the box a USB lead and the TomTom Home installation software.

The TomTom One XL lacks a Bluetooth hands-free kit for your mobile phone, but at this price you could afford a very nice dedicated option, like a Parrot CK3000 evo or a Motorola Speaker kit.

The only question remains is whether you're ready to pay the premium of the XL over the smaller screened One GB or Regional. My advice is to go to your local retailer and try both, they won't let you down in terms of usability or reliability, and you'll be very happy with your TomTom purchase, I promise.

Comments / Questions:

my tom tom one xl has stopped doing automatic instant re routing when i deviate from the planned route how can i turn this facility back on. Karen.

I'm pretty sure its in the options screen, have a hunt through there, or through your instruction manual.

If I want to meet a group at a neutral location to make a trip, do I have to make the meeting place "home" in order to then select a destination for tomtom to direct me to?  I'm not sure how to do that since I won't be leaving from my home. Muscadine.

No, all you need to do is enter a new trip (route planning A to B to C). Just go to the trip planner, then enter the list of destinations. Alternatively just navigate to the first meeting point, then just keep adding the new destinations as if its a new journey.

1) is there a pedestrian mode, ie one that ignores the fact that some streets are one way?
2) Can you bookmark where you are. ie if you leave you car somewhere and you dont know the address, can you bookmark your location so that you can later be directed back to it? Mike.

1) Yes there is a pedestrian mode so you can walk up one-way streets the wrong way and not be asked to walk down motorways...
2) I'm pretty sure the latest TomTom software has an option to store your current location, but it's a while since I had a demo model, so I can't be certain.

Hello - yes the tomtom will give you walking routes, and cycling routes and it will store your location. When you stop and park, before you turn tomtom off, go into the menu (without ending navigation), and "add to favouites", and give it a name so you recognise it, like "car". When you want to return to your car, select navigate to then favourite and "car" and off you go. I use this to find my way back to a hotel after a day out when on holiday - works wonderfully!! Its a carry over from Tomtom 3 and 5 for PDA and used to be under "memorise position". All tomtoms do this and always have. Graeme.

Cheers Graeme!


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