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New TomTom One GB / Regional / Europe Review

Tom Tom Will Finish The Competition Off With This In-Car GPS System!

The New Tom Tom 1 GB / Regional / European GPS in-car satellite navigation system, is a surprise new addition to the Tomtom Car GPS Range, and with the Regional or GB offering going for £199.99 and the European Version going for £280, this is really going to kill off the likes of Navman and Garmin at the entry-level sector of the GPS Sat Nav market.

So what's the difference with the new tomtom one? It looks fantastic, as slim line and small as a Garmin Nuvi, yet they've fitted the GPS receiver into the top of the case, so no pop-out GPS receiver to snap off. It looks very nice and would fit into your shirt / jacket pocket with ease. It's got the latest Navteq maps on, full Postcode look-up for the UK and Northern Ireland, 3d maps, spoken route commands, auto re-routing, avoid lists, favorites, itinerary planning, traffic congestion avoidance via compatible Bluetooth mobile phones, downloadable Speed Camera POI warnings, screen-mount, power-lead, etc.

Honestly, when I got this little beauty out of the box, and saw the price, I couldn't believe it. Now there really is no other choice at this end of the market. The old Tomtom One was a rock-solid, great performer, and the Tomtom GB / Europe takes this to a new level with its excellent design and new maps.

The SiRFstarIIIT GPS chipset gets a GPS fix almost instantly in the worst conditions, its highly sensitive and means you won't lose lock near high buildings or under trees. The screen is as bright and clear as ever, and in my opinion better than the higher priced models. The new sucker mount looks a bit flimsy, so I'll report back after I've used it for a while, but after TomTom's problems with earlier screen-mounts I'm sure they've tested this one properly.

What the difference between the New Tomtom One Regional / GB and the Tomtom One Europe? Well one comes with only the maps for the country where you bought it, ie The GB comes with UK Maps. The TomTom Europe comes with all the maps of Western Europe pre-installed on a 1gb SD card! Amazing value when you think that it's only £270......

In conclusion I think this looks like an excellent product. I'll report back after I've been able to give one a long-term test, but if its as good as its predecessor, Tomtom have another winner on their hands! Buy a TomTom ONE GB From Amazon (UK)


Barry asked: I purchased a TomTom One Europe new edition at Gatwick airport. [I'm a Brit living in Spain]. My TomTom was working o.k until I connected it to TomTom Home. Now it has a red spot with a white cross in it, If I now connect to tomtom home it keeps telling me I am not connected. I have tried contacting tomtom u.k but get no answer. Can you help please   

Sorry to hear about your problem. First thing to try is to reset the device. If you turn the TomTom upside down and look at the base you should be able to see a small hole with the word "reset" next to it. Gently press a blunt thin object, such as a paper clip, into the hole. You should feel it give a little. Then have a go at turning the device on again, by pressing and holding the power button for a couple of seconds. Have the unit plugged in to the power cable when turning on, but not when pressing the reset button. If this doesn't work try this link. Your TomTom One Europe probably doesn't have a SD card... but installing the latest version of TomTom Home may help, so download it then try attaching your device again. Tell me how you get on. Rob.

Hi Barry, Try roll back to the version of Home that shipped on the CD, and try a software update from there. Worked to get rid of the white cross in red backround you have, for me with the 720 anyway. Steve.



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