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New TomTom One GB / Regional 3rd Edition Review and Demo

The Price War Hots Up Between TomTom and Garmin as the One GB v3 is Released...

The TomTom One, in its various guises, Original, One ver 2, and One XL, has been among the best selling in-car Satellite Navigation devices of the last couple of years. With Garmin's release of the Nuvi 200 Sat Nav at a cheaper price point, TomTom had to respond. They have with Their One GB / Regional Third Edition, which has the same RRP as the Garmin.

The One V3 comes pre-installed with street level maps of the UK and Eire, speed-cameras, Post-Code look up, 3d maps, voice instructions, thousands of POI's, and TomTom's best new features, their "Help" menu and more importantly Mapshare.

First, looks. One Third Edition is in a similar box to the v2, but they have removed the SD card expansion slot, all maps are held in the internal memory. This may make the unit cheaper, but it also means that there is no option to easily expand the map database to include European or North American maps. If you want a pan-European Navigator you'll have to pay a little more for the European version.

However, if all you are after is a Sat Nav for the UK, the One v3 looks very promising indeed. For those of you unfamiliar with using Sat Nav rest assured that the Tom Tom user interface is very easy to master, you don't even have to look at the instructions. Just turn it on, type in a few preferences and you'll be navigating in seconds. Press in the middle of the map screen, then "Navigate To", enter an address, town-centre, Post Code, recent destination, POI or favourite and you're off. You can decide whether to take the fastest or shortest route (NO!), avoid motorways, etc, and the TomTom will quickly work out the best route to take you there.

Loud and clear voice instructions guide you on your way, with plenty of time for turnings and junctions. The One GB v3 doesn't read out road names like the new TomTom Go Range (520 and 720), but this isn't a problem as long as you check the map display to see the approaching turn. A few key presses and you can divert to the nearest petrol station, cash point, hotel or any of thousands of other Points of Interest. With their "Help" POI's is now is even easier to find hospitals, dentists, garages, etc should the emergency arise.

The One has a port for an optional TMC traffic alerts aerial - which once you've bought the aerial gives you free data for life. (The aerials are not cheap!)

One aspect of route planning that I really like on this Sat Nav is the ability to preview your whole route, then pick out sections or roads you want to avoid in advance. Say you're traveling to Newcastle and want to avoid the A1M. Simply tap the screen, "find alternative", "avoid part of route" then select that road and the One will work out a new route to avoid that road. Easy and simple.

The category killer for TomTom could well be their new Mapshare function. This allows you to correct mistakes in the maps of your device, and upload those changes to TomTom, and similarly download map corrections from other users. With a user base of 10 million, TomTom could soon have the most accurate maps around with all those people "working" on them. A great idea and one that should prolong the life of your unit beyond the stage where other makes are unusable because of map errors.

I had no problems using the device in my car. The simple screen mount worked, it picked up a cold GPS signal in minutes, then worked flawlessly during my time with it. The device is small enough to fit in your pocket or hide in your glove compartment.

So would I buy a TomTom One 3rd edition? Well I've already got a Garmin Nuvi 200, but if this TomTom had come out a few months earlier I may well have been swayed into the TomTom fold by Mapshare - perfect maps anyone?

Buy a TomTom One v3 from Amazon.co.uk

Comments / Questions:

During downloading updates on my new tomtom one europe v3 the computer froze, I switched off tomtom and disconnected it now when i switch it on it switches off after a sec. Hellp please anyone, Ta,, Obi.

Try reinstalling TomTom Home and starting again after first resetting the TomTom by pressing the reset button on the bottom.

thanks for that but had to get software from tomtom everything ok now. Obi

I bought the tomtom one V3 and i simply love the simplicity of it. im a typical woman and get lost at the end of my street...ha ha
but this satnav is a god send for me, and gives me greater confidence to travel further afield.
very easy to use, upload, etc. and everything you need to get you there. Avril,

That's great!

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