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TomTom Go 710 In Car Sat Nav Review

Tom Tom Go 710 Street Level European Maps and Bluetooth

Update. The Go 710 has been replaced by the TomTom Go 720.

The Tomtom 710 in car GPS Navigation device replace the best selling Go 700, but why should we choose the new model over a discounted '05 version?

The Tomtom 710 improves on the old 700 in a number of departments, but first lets summarise what the unit does & who it is aimed at.

The 710 comes pre-loaded with street-level maps of Western Europe and the UK, with full Post Code support for GB and Holland. It suitable for anyone who travels on the continent regularly, and needs the benefits of street-level mapping. To compliment this the 710 comes pre-loaded with speed-cameras for UK and Europe as well - a big bonus. So, if you're going to be driving your car on the continent in the near future, you should be looking at a TomTom 710.

What other features do we have? As expected, the TomTom Go 710 has Bluetooth for hands-free calling using a compatible phone. It can also connect to Bluetooth speakers, through which it can play mp3s, audio books, or with an extra cable connect to your ipod and become a mini sound system. You can listen to any of your sound files while on the move, the unit fades out the music when route instructions are being read out.

The 710 also has a picture viewer for your jpegs, a fresher user-interface, a wider glare-free screen, it reads out some road-names, and an improved GPS antennae for better GPS reception in built up areas.

In use, the 710 is very easy to get on with and navigate to destinations, whether that just be a straight run home or a multiple itinerary. All input is done with your finger on the touch-screen, which now its wider can accomadate even the chubiest of fingers.

The 710 can guide you around traffic jams, wrong turns or road-blocks with ease, and I loved using it for the 2 days I had one on test. If you're in the market for a Pan-European GPS, the TomTom 710 should be top of your list. Buy a TomTom Go 710 Europe GPS Navigation Unit From Amazon.co.uk.


What causes my tom tom 710 to occaisionally fail to switch on? It is charged in the car whenever I'm using it and it never warns me of low battery. The first time it happened I gave up trying and left it for a week. Someone then looked at it for me and switched it on without any trouble! It's happened again a month later and I've charged it again to make sure but this made no difference. I then tried resetting it and now it seems to be working again although I'm not convinced that it is a direct result of the resetting. What do you think? Does it have a fault or is this behaviour to be expected sometimes? Olivia.

You want to make sure you've got the latest software on it
Its free, and sorts out most problems.

Steven P asked: "How do I know if My Mobile Phone is compatible with the TomTom 710?

For phone compatibility check TomTom's phone features page.

Anonymous asked: "How do I reset my Tom Tom 710?"

Take the device off the mount and flip it upside down. If you look into wherethe mount electrical connections are, you should see a small hole. Carefully press it with a pin or paperclip. The hole ofn the front of the device is the microphone, don't press anything into that!


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