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Road Angel Navigator 6000 GPS and Speed Camera Detector Review

Two Products in One - A Satellite Navigator and A Safety Camera Warning Device - Jack of All Trades or Master of None?

Road Angel 6000The Road Angel 6000 in car Satellite Navigation device promises a lot. Not only is it a GPS Sat Nav unit, but it also has Speed Camera warning files integrated into the navigator, to warn you off Gatso's Truvelo's, and all sorts of fixed position cameras. All for under £250.

To be honest before I used the Navigator 6000 for this review I was very skeptical. Although Road Angel' dedicated Speed Camera Detectors are very good, their previous attempt at a navigation device, the "Navigator" was a bit of a disappointment, and overpriced. Enough of the past, what does the Navigator 6000 hold in store for the potential Sat Nav buyer?

Well, I was very impressed by the Road Angel. The screen is very clear and glare-free, and the menu controls although not as intuitive as TomTom, Garmin or Navman, after a few minutes putting in Post-Codes or addresses is easy via the touch-screen. (No stylus required - just your finger). The 3d maps are ok, and the voice instructions loud and timely.

Up to this point, Navigating around my local area, the Navigator 6000 was just like an average Sat Nav device, in comparison to a Navman 530 or a TomTom One, but as I approached a local Truvelo Speed Camera, the Road Angel showed it's true colours. Just like in the picture above, the Unit changes it's voice (to Tiff Needel) and warns you that you're approaching a speed camera. The screen gets a red border (if you're going faster than the limit) or a green border (if you're driving at a safe speed). The unit keeps warning you until you are past the camera. Perfect.

I've used the POI Speed-Camera detectors on Tom Tom, Navman and Garmin, and none are as effective as this at slowing you down, or making you feel safe that you know you are traveling under the speed limit, so this feature really is worth the extra £50 over a Tomtom One.

Venturing further field, the Navigator 6000 warned me of all my local speed-cameras, and also of many accident black-spots, which is good because it makes you take more notice of your surroundings. On the way back I turned off the Navigation part of the device and just had the unit warning me about speed-cameras, a great feature when you are using routes you know, but want to be warned when approaching cameras. One of the most versatile Satellite Navigation Systems.

Of course the Road Angel isn't the perfect solution. It can't detector mobile Laser or Radar guns or sites - but temporary Speed Traps are in the database, and you can ask the unit to store other locations, including the limit of the road.

Would I buy this Sat Nav? Definitely. You could argue that the TomTom One is a better Sat Nav - but the integration of the Speed Camera Warnings into the Navigator 6000 is done so well that it makes it a very easy decision when comparing the two - go for a Road Angel and save your license!


John asked: "Could you please tell me which "Version" of Road Angel 6000 was used for your report.? There seem to be a number of versions of "6000" around. Other reviews( Lordpercy.com) in particular ,mention that the version they tested  was based on Windows CE and "crashed" on more than one occasion ( four" freezes" in one week of testing).

On the 25 Sept 2006 they did a "Second Take" after having been made aware by the "Road Angel" people themselves that there was a new "firmware version "available which should address their concerns regarding the reliability of the unit; which to some extent it did. Is a" firmware version"an upgrade to a previous version or a completely new unit.

When I visited Halfords for a demonstration they took a Road Angel "6000" out of a security sealed box with the instruction book stating on the cover "Versions 2 and Version 3".but when I asked the assistant to display on the Road Angel screen under "UNIT SETTINGS" the version number of that unit it came up with Version 1.0 In view of this my concern is how does one be sure that they are buying the latest version and not being fobbed off with an out of date model ? Indeed there was a small sticker on the back of that unit which stated "Win CE"

Hi John, It was a while ago when I did this review, but I'm pretty sure it was a win CE version, and as far as I'm aware all 6000's run on Win CE, it's just updates to the Road-Angel Operating System that have been implemented. All Win CE systems are inherently unstable - ask any Pocket PC user about how often they have to reset their device when running complicated programmes.

I guess avoiding speed-camera's is high on your priorities for Sat Nav, but it may be worth considering some of the newer models, say a Garmin 200 or TomTom One, and invest in a subscription to Pocketgpsworld.com's excellent speed-camera database.

For stability you can't beat a Garmin - in my experience they very rarely crash in comparison to TomTom's and other makes. I would say go down to your local Halfords and try their demo RoadAngel 6000. Then try a Garmin 200 or a TomTom One, they are much better. Hope this helps. Rob.



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