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Psion Series 5 / 5m / 7 Epoc Emulator - Colour

Have Psion's Famous Easy-To Use Applications on Your Laptop or Desktop PC

Psion Epoc EmulatorPsion's are my favourite mobile PC's, whether it be the palmtop variety of a Revo, Series 5 or 5mx, or the larger Series 7, but I guess it's the excellent Software & applications that make them such as joy to use. (Along with the superb battery life, great keyboards, touchscreens, etc....)

But you don't have to own a Psion to get the benefits of Epoc Software, before Psion died and turned away from mobile pc's, they produced several SDK's, or Software development kits, which are fully working emulators that enable you to have a Psion on your home or office desktop and your laptop.

I use the Psion emulator on my laptop at work, I find the agenda programme streets ahead of anything Windows has to offer, and because my laptop is so old, the speed of the PSion emulator makes a welcome relief from my slow old MS Office programmes.

Installing the emulator onto your device couldn't be easier. Just visit the Psionteklogix site and download & install the Symbian OS V5 SDK for Java T . (About halfway down the page.)

I normally run the VGA version, it fits nicely on the screen of my Laptop & Desktop, and it does everything I want it to do.

Some programmes won't work with the emulators, but I havn't found this a problem, the main utilities are powerful enough for me.

More Epoc Emulator Images...
Psion Agenda Psion Word
Psion Time Psion Sheet

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I'm new to this and trying to run tomtom on my laptop.
Might be a silly question but how do I add programs to the emulator? Clive.

Check out this site.

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