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Philips SLV 3100 Wireless TV Link Review

Philips Wireless TV Link - No Hammers and Nails!

SLV 3100Like the majority of house-holds in the UK , we have Sky Digital TV, but its only in one room. With our Daughter clamouring for MTV, it was time for me to get it into her room too. But our Sky is in the lounge at the front bottom of the house, and her room is at the top back.

I have to admit, I'm not fond of DIY, so if there's a way around drilling and hammering, I'll try to use it. The cheapest option would just to have been to run an RF extension cable to her TV, but that would have meant lots of hard work. So I went for the wireless option.

A quick visit to our local Asda, and I was the proud owner of a Philips SLV3100 wireless TV link, which not only promised to transmit Sky to another TV, but also with the help of a "Magic Eye" enable the second TV remote to change the Sky channel. Great! Just what I wanted.

Instalation is quick and easy, just plug in the mains adaptors and the little boxes to the scart leads on the sky digital box and the second tv. The magic eye plugs into the back of transmitter unit, and you place its IR part in front of the sky box.

Turning it all on, and we have a wireless TV extension. It was necessary to swap through the different wireless channels to find the best one, and align the transmitter & reciever unit, but then a good picture was achieved.

Getting the magic eye to work took a little longer, I believe my system suffered interfence from a neighbours wireless network (they use similair frequencies), but it did function fine in the end.

Would I recommend the Philips SLV 3100 wireless TV link? Definitely. It was easy to set up and use, and the picture quality was good enough. My next purchase will be an additional reciever unit, so I'll report back with how that does.

Comments / Questions:

Sorry but your anwsers are not clear enough for me.
Ex:I need to connect my main tv in the living room, to a secondary one in my bed room.
I have cable in the living room socket,so with my living room Tv off, can i select any channel in my secondary tv or i will be forced to watch the same channel i had selected in the living room?

You can use the "magic eye" to change the channel on your digital box / cable box, so the 2nd tv can watch what it wants, but obviously it would change the channel on the first TV too, if it was on.

Can this device connect two tvs? I only have 1 wall aerial socket in my flat and i need to transmit the signal from my tv in this room to the one in the bedroom without the use of wires. I understand that it transmits signals from electronc devices (e.g. sky box) but does this include bog standard tv signals from 1 tv to another? Simon.

No, the Phillips works by being connected to digiboxes, via the scart leads. I don't think you can use it to re-transmit RF frequency.

I live in Germany and I wonder, if the set up works with cable-tv just as well? -and does the major tv need to be running in order to get a signal? -and can two tv's be running and each with different programms? Robert.

Ok, the unit works by plugging into the Scart out of the source - be that set-top box, cable box, etc, and then it transmits a signal to any recievers that are set up. The TV does not need to be on, unless it has a built in cable reciever and you're using that.
If you had a three box system - one transmitter, two recievers, both recievers would get the same channel. Think of it as just a length of RF cable that you've used to connect the other TV's.

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