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Speed / Safety Camera Detectors

Speed / Safety Camera Detector & Warning Devices

A whole industry has sprung into life around the motorists desire to avoid speeding tickets, using GPS based systems, laser & radar detectors, diffusers, and special reflective number plates. What we've tried to do here is to bring together widely available speed camera detectors of all types and give impartial reviews about them.

Remember, this isn't about breaking the law and speeding dangerously, its about having a device in your car which will warn you about dangerous roads, or to remind you to slow down when your speed creeps up slightly over the limit. When driving roads you don't know, and with poor signage, it is very easy to inadvertently go too fast, and these devices will help to stop you doing that.

No device is 100% reliable, and often a combination of a GPS based camera detector and a laser / radar detector will give you the best protection, protect your license and protect your safety.

Road AngelNew Road Angel Save your license with this little beauty.

Road Angel CompactRoad Angel Compact More bang for your buck in a smaller size? Read on...


Road Angel PlusRoad Angel PLUS Blackspots newest GPS Speed Camera detector combines the best of the New and the compact.


Snooper s2Snooper S2 is a budget GPS Speed Camera detector with laser warning - but is it any good?

InforadInforad Another budget GPS Speed Camera Warning device - can it perform as well as its rivals that are twice its price?


Origin b2Origin B2 The best (and most expensive!!) GPS / Laser Detector?

Snooper EvolutionSnooper Evolution Compact GPS / Laser Based Speed Camera Warning Device.


snooper s5rSnooper S5r Review A true laser and radar detector, great for mobile speed traps.


Indic8torIndic8tor Review A great budget GPS Speed Camera Detector.


Navigator 6000The Road Angel Navigator 6000 combines GPS Navigation and Speed Camera Warnings in a very nice package.


Speed Camera SignSpeed Camera Detector Questions & Answers from visitors to this site. Navigator 7000Road Angel Navigator 7000 has a few more bells & whistles, so is it worth the extra cash?

Comments / Questions:

I have seen a Speed Camera Detector advertised on the web, its called BTST (Beat The Speed Trap)...have you heard any review about this one ?

Not yet, if you do, make sure you send me a line!

can you tell me if speed camaras can detect different vehicles for different speeds when they pass them whether a car or a lorry and adjust to speed and give a ticket

I doubt it, but obviously a Copper with a radar / laser gun would.

I understand "speed Camera" warning devices are not allowed in France, and that furthermore the police devices read back to your car detector to catch you if you use one. Is that right? Alain.

Er.. speed camera detectors are ilegal in France, yes.

Can you tell me where I can purchase a radar speed sign ideally from the UK rather than abroad.
We are looking at calming our traffic and one of the ideas that I is to use this type of signage. Maxine.

How about one of these,

or more seriously, it might be worth reading this article:



They are not set for speed. The first camera records your number plate using letter recognition software, then the last one records it, and a computer works out your average speed from the distance between the two (or more) cameras. There's no point slowing down and speeding up, they will get you.

I was on the A41 last night going to collect someone, I thought I was doing 40 as there are a lot of camera's along that road, but this first camera went off but flashed once only and in RED??? what's the meaning behind that, have I been caught doing in excess of 40? please try to answer my question as I am going out of my mind, no-one appears to have heard of a camera in RED before.

Truvelo speed cameras, which normally face the front of the car, use infra-red so have a fliter over the flash which means you shouldn't see it. However if it was directly in your line of sight there is a chance that you saw the flash. Normally there would be two flashes if it was going to get you, but you won't know until a couple of weeks and you get a letter through the door. Sorry.

Thanx for that, just a quick add, there was only one flash not 2, and I had nearly gone passed it when it went off and the lines on the road were after so that when it is turned around they can be used after as the car has left the camera as in normal speed camera so how can they detect what speed I was doing if there was no lines as I was passing?  Feel sick with worry

You should be ok, sounds like the camera was getting someone on the other side of the road. Touch wood, but hey, worse things happen. Unless you've already got nine points...

Out of all the Camera Detectors around are there any that are waterproof and compact enough to fit to a motorcycle? Gary.

You can get a motorbike mount for a road-angel, but they're not waterproof: http://www.road-angel-gps.co.uk/road-angel-motor-bike.htm

There are a few GPS Sat Navs specifically for bikes that can have Speed Camera Warnings POI files installed - these will warn you of common places for fixed position and mobile cameras- but they will not detect anything, they're passive devices relying on an internal map to slow you down:



It depends what you're trying to avoid. If its Police Officers with mobile laser or radar guns (which I guess it would be in the States) then you need a real detector, for laser and radar.

Check out Radar Roy:


Hope some of this helps.

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