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Psion Handheld PC Reviews & Guides

The Best Psion Pocket Pc's / PDA's Are Still A Great Alternative To Modern Windows Pocket Pc's!

Great Logo from PDAStreet forum.Psion is Dead. LONG LIVE PSION! No longer being manufactured, the second-hand and refurbished market for Psion PDAs / handhelds is alive and well, a tribute to these wonderful devices longevity, usefulness, design and durability. I currently own 2 Psion Series 3a's, a Revo, a Psion 5 and a 5mx, but I'm always looking to add to my collection - but these are working machines, not just to collect, so I've put together a few articles that may help the prospective Psion buyer, or experienced user. If you've got any original material you would like to submit, please contact us.

Psion 5My New Psion 5 We're back in business with a new Psion Five after being without one for too long!



Putting Psion's To Work - Pt. 1 Lets start using our Psions to their full potential... Lets transfer our Agenda / Contacts info from Outlook first, with PsiWin.


Psion 5 ScreenPutting Psions to Work - Pt. 2 In this article we look at how to transfer files, such as Word and Sheet, between your Psion and desktop PC, then back again!


Five and Mobile PhonePutting Psions to Work - Pt. 3 Now we look at email on our Psions, but will have to wait for a 5mx or higher before we can get it to work....

Psion Series 7Psion Series 7 The most powerful, and largest, mobile PC Psion produced, still a great alternative to a laptop today.


Epoc / Psion EmulatorPsion / Epoc Emulator - Have a Series 7 running on your desktop or laptop with a Java SDK!

My Psion Collection!Psion Buyers Guide What you should be looking for to make the jump in the world of Psions...



Psion 5mxPsion 5mx Review The best hand help of all time? You decide!



Psion 5Psion 5 Review Not as fast as the 5mx, but a worthy contender, and a lot cheaper!


Psion RevoPsion Revo Review Can do almost everything that the 5 and 5mx can, in a smaller package!

Psion 3aPsion 3a Review So cheap now it hurts, but still very usable as an everyday filofax replacement.


Revo ScreenshotPsion Revo Free Spell Checker! Give your Revo's Word apllication full functionality with this download!

OS OsarisOS Osaris Review a clone of the Psion 5, with a smaller screen but tougher hinges....


Zork 1Zork for Psion! Play many of Infocoms classic text adventures on your Psion Revo or Series 5!




Psion 3cA Psion 3c 2mb from the local car boot for £3? That'll do nicely!

Psion SienaPsion Siena A great little Pocket PC that will amaze with what it will do for under a tenner.


Psion Organiser IIPsion Organiser II More of a collectors item now than a viable piece of everyday kit, I still think its amazing these are still working 20 years on. Thats build quality!


Asus 701 PCAsus eee PC 701 Review Could this be the replacement for the Psion 7 / Netbook that we've been waiting for all these years? Proper keyboard, wi-fi, colour screen, non-windows, solid-state memory - all under £250?


MacBook AirMacBook Air vs Psion Could the new Apple be the Psion that never was? We look to see if this new ultra-thin Sub-Compact Laptop ticks all the right boxes. Duff Psion CF Card ProblemCorrupt Psion CF Card Fixed Quick post of how I fixed a duff Compact Flash Card.

Psion Question and Answers Challenge us with your Psion related queries!


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Is it possible to connect my Psion 5MX to my laptop (I have a Bandridge USB convertor cable)and transfer files etc., the laptop is running Windows XP Pro, if so please advise. Alan.

You need to download Psiwin and then get on over to eBay and get yourself the right serial connector lead.

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