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Find The Best Windows Pocket PC's And How To Get The Most Out Of The One You Buy


XDA vs laptop, mobile & pda

Pocket PC's are great. Don't get me wrong, I love my Psion's, but if you were to ask me what has been the most useful gadget I've owned and used constantly over the past couple of years, it would have to be my XDA Pocket PC / phone.

My XDA has been in my pocket, at home & work, for the last 2 years. It has replaced my mobile phone, my Palm m105 pda & my old laptop.

Pocket PC's won't replace your home PC (or newer lap-tops), the screens are too small, the applications limited and text input can be laborious, but give one a try (especially a phone type) and you will be amazed.


HP IpaqHP Ipaq 2790 Review Now this is a serious piece of kit....



XDA Mini SMy XDA Mini S Pocket PC Phone Bargain Picked up for a song, but will it work?



XDA OrbitXDA Orbit A Pocket PC Phone with built-in Sat Nav? Could this be the ultimate device from O2?




SPV M3100SPV M3100 Orange's attempt at a Pocket PC Phone with a slide-out keyboard.



SPV C500Orange SPV C500 Smartphone Review - Ok, it's not a Pocket Pc, but it's still a great piece of kit..



Nokia n95Nokia N95 Review A Symbian smartphone with fantastic specification, but is it a Pocket PC?

xda mini s pocket pcXDA Mini S A fantastic little Pocket PC Phone with a slide-out keyboard.



XDA ExecXDA Exec way too expensive, but worth a look if you're feeling flush

Pocket PC Phone vs Smartphone We compare the XDA Mini S and the Orange SPV C500 in everyday use.


Extending Battery Life in your Pocket PC with these simple tips.

Pocket Calendar can replace your filofax and electronic PDA, here's a simple guide.


Pocket Tasks will help you organise the things you need to do at home & at work.


Pocket Contacts an entire database of contacts at your disposal. Managed right a very large number of contacts can be organised so that you can actually use them.


Changing Your Today Screen and personalise the appearance of your Pocket PC. O2 XDA Original My first Pocket PC Phone, still going strong.. .

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