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Not News: Spoofs, Ramblings, Untruths & Lies....

Evidence of a Mind Gone Mad, These Aricles Are NOT TRUE And Are A Basis For Discussion or Ridicule...

Too much web-surfing, too much global media, too much spin, what is the truth? What should be the truth? Can you trust anything on the internet? Has the world gone mad, has common sense gone out of the window, have we lost our way? Or is it me?

If you'd like to submit your own insane original articles for inclusion please contact me.

Nano with vodka bottleIpod Nano See-Through Virus Strikes down my new Apple mp3 player. Honest.




ToastNew EU Laws To Tackle Menace of Toast Sweat Epidemic Will make lives of cooked bread eaters much safer.


Ipod Nano GPS Sat NavGPS Sat Nav on Ipod Nano 3g Be amazed as we install TomTom on our new mp3 player. Unbelievable.

UK SoldierUK Military Spending is due to increase by £100 Billion over the next 10 years...




Bill GatesFree Windows Bill Gates announces the release, on an Open Source Licence, all old MS Operating Systems & Programmes.



Russell GrantNobel Prize For Science Goes to esteemed British Astologer after years of perfecting his skill.



MarioVideo Games Make Healthy Kids Play more, watch more is the new advice from the Surgeon General

Broadmoor PrisonCriminals Classed Insane In a proposed extension to the Mental Health Act, dangerous and Career criminals could be locked up for life.




ModelModelling Qualifications Will now be available to all GCSE, A-Level and Degree students.


US TroopsVictory In Iraq Could be on the cards as Coalition Govts commit tens of thousands of more troops.



whopperW-Plan Diet Lose weight by eating what you want!



Tiger TankOld Equipment To Be Re-Used? Confusion reigned today when it appeared that the MoD has been requisitioning WWII equipment for use in the Middle East



British SoldiersWar is Hell! It's official, despite what the media may think, all wars are nasty, dirty, dangerousthings.




Honey BeeGoogles Gbee Project comes out of beta - maybe the Honey Bee polinatation crisis can be averted...


Daewoo MatizNo-Car Car Adverts On the horizon with new TV rules. Bin LadenMy Wife Thinks I'm A Terrorist! A humorous look at mistakes that can happen when electronic intercepts are misunderstood.

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