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Navman pin 570 Pocket PC In Car GPS Review

Navman pin 570

Navman Pin 570- A Pocket PC GPS For £99.99 - Yes Please!


I must admit that I pretty much ignored the Navman Pin 570 Pocket PC in car GPS device when it came out last year - I was more into reviewing dedicated Satellite Navigation, but now that I've seen brand new sealed examples going for under £100 it's time to review this versatile Sat Nav.

The hardware of the Pin 570 is a pretty simple Windows based Pocket PC with a built in flip out GPS antennae for Satellite Navigation applications. This means that the screen orientation is portrait rather than the usual landscape of dedicated devices, and the built in speaker will never be as loud as a Garmin or a Tom Tom.

Those considerations aside the Pocket PC type of Sat Nav is a good proposition for those in the market for a unit that can do many things and is software independent. What that means is you could buy Tom Tom's Navigator Software & maps and install them instead of the supplied Navman application, great for future upgrades.

The abilities of the Pocket PC should not be underestimated here either. The Pin 570 comes with cut down Pocket versions of MS Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, Outlook & Notes. This unit could replace your paper based diary and organiser, which is how I use my pocket pc (an older XDA type.)

The software that comes with the Pin 570 is Smart ST 2005 3.5, competent but not that intuitive to use. I have to admit that if you compare the operating system of this device with a new Tom Tom or Garmin it is a bit old hat, but with a few days of use I found the Pin 570 more than competent. The lack of full Post-Code search is annoying but not frustrating, and the fact that you cannot add speed camera POI's (as far as I know) means that in the long term a change of software (to Tom Tom navigator for Pocket PC) is probably a good option.

Would I buy a Navman Pin 570? Well, after doing this review, and seeing one at my local electrical specialists for £99.99 I'm very, very tempted, even if meant changing the software to Tom Tom.

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