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Navman n60i Widescreen Pan-European GPS In Car Sat Nav Review

Ok Navman, It's Time To Take On The TomTom 710 & Garmin 660. Will The n60i deliver?


Navman n60iI'll start off by saying that if you shop around you can get the top of the range Navman device, the n60i, for a cheaper price than both the Nuvi 660 from Garmin and the Tomtom 710, so we are talking about a device that has less features - but it should still be on the shopping list of anybody in the market for a pan-european navigator that could take you from Dublin to Munich.

The n60i has a lovely widescreen, clear and bright, complimented with the quick-nav button on the right of the device. Basically these give you fast access to local petrol stations or parking, and the main menu features. It's a welcome addition to the touch-screen-only option of a Tom Tom or a Garmin - I like not having to use my usually greasy fingers to spoil the touch-screen.

Preloaded, in 2gb of Flash memory, we have detailed street-level maps of Western Europe, so it'll work out of the box, no need to connect to pc to load different maps. Speed trap locations are included too, and this seems to becoming a standard feature across high-end units. Navigation is simple and easy. In fact for these reviews It's becoming increasingly difficult to pick between any of the major brands in terms of navigation - they all do it so well. The Navmans voice is loud and clear, the maps easy to follow. It's the extra features that make the difference. Tomtom have Bluetooth / ipod connectivity, while Garmin have the Bluetooth, mp3's, audiobooks & travel guides. Navman has Navpix.

Navpix is a library of locations, in the unit and available to download, which show their locations with a picture instead of just a description / address. You can create your own Navpix with the built-in 1.3 megapixel camera, and it does add a whole new dimension to navigating, especially when on holiday or sight-seeing.

Navpix broadens your horizons. As Navmans library expands, you'll be amazed at the places you'll want to visit just by looking at the pictures. How much use this is to the business user, I'm not sure, and you could argue that the built-in bluetooth features of TomTom or Garmin would be of more use, but most people already have some sort of hands-free device for their car, so a camera actually makes a better addition for a GPS device.

I really like the direction Navman have taken with the n60i and it's built in camera, but I do have a couple of criticisms. The camera should be better. Most mobile phones have a better camera than this. The n60i should also have Bluetooth for hands-free calling, honestly Navman, PLEASE add it to your systems like Garmin & Tomtom, then you really would be able to compete once again!

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