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Navman n40i GPS In Car Sat Nav Review

Advanced Satellite Navigation and a Camera Give You Navpix - A New Way To Find Your Destination!

Navman n40iThe Navman n40i - the first GPS device in the current range that comes with a built in camera. It may only be 1.3 megapixels, so it won't make you a David Bailey, but it does allow you to take images of where you are, and the n40 will add a GPS tag, so when you want to go there again, just select the picture from your library, and you're off. You can also add your pictures to Navman's Navpix library, for others to share and use.

I'm getting a little ahead of myself here, lets take a step back and look at the navigation features you get with this Navman, because that's what you'll be using the most before you dive into Navpix.

The Navman n40i comes pre-loaded with maps of the UK (or whichever country you buy it in), and has discs that include the rest of Western Europe. Full Post Code support is included, so putting in destinations is simple. Speed / Safety Camera POI's are also already in it's memory, a great feature, but only worth relying on if you subscribe to Navman's service to keep them updated regularly.

Navman have included side buttons on this years range to compliment the touch-screen. There's a button to take you to the nearest petrol station or parking. The button with the squares on takes you to the menu, the arrow button takes you to the navigation menu, and the arrowed button changes the map view between 3D, birds-eye, route list & summary. Volume controls are on the side, and the power button and camera shutter are on the top. It is easy to accidentally press the camera button when using the unit hand-held, but they are easily deletable.

The unit runs off you cigar lighter plug or the internal rechargeable battery. The unit is nice and svelte, not as thin as a Garmin Nuvi, but it doesn't have a pop out GPS antenna, so it will store easily in your baggage.

Using the Navman it impresses with it's ease of use and smooth operation. The voice is loud and clear, even if you don't get the choice of voices as on a TomTom. Forced diversions are dealt with smoothly, the software calculating a new route quickly, and I only found one mistake (a road that kinked left & right and wasn't a right turn), so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the n40i as a straight navigator, but the n40i also adds the unique features of Navpix.

Navpix certainly adds a fun dimension to finding & entering destinations, but I have to say that I think it's more suited to tourists and not the business user, I would have preferred to see the addition of Bluetooth hands-free mobile calling, and still keep the camera!

As it is I'm still undecided whether the n40i is better than a TomTom 510 or a Nuvi 310. I guess it depends if Navpix appeals to you. If it does, go for it, you will not be disappointed.

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