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Navman n20 GPS In Car Satellite Navigation Review

Navpix, Navman's New GPS System & Software - At A Great Price. But Is Something Missing?


Navman n20Ah, Navpix, Navman's great idea for GPS systems. Instead of only relying on boring Addresses & Post Codes to find your destination, why not use pictures as well?

At first this seems a strange idea, but when you've actually tried Navpix, it works very well, especially if you're using the device on holiday or a sightseeing tour.

How it works is that you download images, that are tagged with GPS locations, from Navman's Navpix website, then instead of typing in the address of where you want to go, just select a picture. Simple and easy.

The Navman n20 featured in this review is their entry level Navpix model - that is it does not have an in-built camera to take your own Navpix, you'll have to buy a n40i or a n60i for that. This is a bit of a let down - building and uploading your own library of pictures is half the fun, but I guess Navman had to sacrifice something to get in under £200. It's a bit like having a mobile phone that can accept picture messages, but can't create ones of it own. Disappointing.

Apart from Navpix Navigation, the n20 does all the conventional types of getting from a to b with ease. Full Post Code's, addresses, favorites, POI's, etc. I really like the quick-nav buttons on the side of the screen that will take you to the nearest parking garage or petrol station - a clever idea.

The software is intuitive to use, and the model I tested dealt with wrong turns easily, changing the route and getting me back on track. The size of these new Navman models has to be complimented too - no pop-out GPS aerials, so they will easily fit into your pocket for storage.

The n20 comes with pre-loaded Speed / Safety Camera Warnings, so it'll help you keep those points off your license, but to keep it up to date you'll have to subscribe to Navmans POI update service, which will set you back £34.95 for a years subscription, well worth the money.

In conclusion I would have to say that the Navman n20 is a great buy and a good Sat Nav if you can get it for under £200 - it's on par with a TomTom One and has the added benefit of Navpix & pre-loaded Speed Camera's. Recommended.

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