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Navman icn F20 GPS Sat Nav In Car Review

Navman Could Have The New Tomtom One GB On The Run With Their F20!

I was very surprised when I got the new F20 out of its box. This new in car GPS Sat Nav unit from Navman is about £20 cheaper than the excellent TomTom One GB, so I was expecting an update of the frankly poor icn 330, but how wrong could I be!

The Navman F20 has everything you could want from a budget GPS system, and more. A few of the features: FULL Postcode look-up, latest GPS receiver technology, voice guidance, 3d maps, smart re-routing, TMC compatible (with optional aerial), speed-camera downloads available, petrol & parking quick-keys and a touch-screen!

What does this mean for the potential buyer who's trying to compare the Navman F20 with similarly priced products? Well, the F20 basically will do everything you want if you want a GPS device for Navigation in the UK. The only feature lacking is Bluetooth for hands-free calling - but what do you expect for under £200!

Using the Navman F20 is a joy - for this batch of models Navman is using the same outer shell, so it looks like a 530 - the unit is large enough to feel substantial, the buttons are large enough, the voices loud and the map directions clear and useful.

A big letdown for its predecessor, the 330, was the lack of speed-camera poi's, but these are downloadable to this model, and with the purchase of Navman's TCM aerial you could receive free traffic congestion information, and the unit will guide you around problem areas.

So what do you get in the box? The unit itself, sucker windscreen mount, in-car power lead, instructions booklet, just the basics.

The F20 has an integral rechargeable battery that will charge itself when plugged into the car, but you can also use it when out of the car if you've got to park up and find your destination on foot.

I only got to play with the Navman F20 Car GPS for a few hours, but at £180 there is no doubt that this Satellite Navigation system will be a winner, and a worthy rival to TomTom's One Regional.


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does the unit cover Southern Ireland?? it says it covers GB & Ireland.

Thanks, Terry.

Hello Terry,

The F20 comes pre-loaded with the UK and Ireland, including the South.

HOWEVER if I were you I would nip down to my local GPS store (Halfords are good for this) and ask for a demo. You want to get the Sales Assistant to let you put in some addresses of places you want to go in Eire.

This is because the map coverage in Eire, while fine around Dublin, is very poor elsewhere, and you may find that the places you want to go just havn't been added to the maps yet.

If they aren't, just ask for a demo of the excellent Garmin Nuvi 250, which includes maps of Europe, and see what the map coverage is like for Eire. Garmin usually have the best maps, better than TomTom and Navman.

Hope this helps,




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