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Navman icn 530 In-Car Satellite Navigation Device

Navman icn530 Review - A Navman To Take On TomTom?


Navman icn 530Please Note That This Model Is Now Obsolete. I was very excited when I got my hands on the new Navman icn 530 car GPS Satelite Navigation device. After the disapointing 520, could this new unit restore my faith in Navman to produce GPS to rival the mighty TomTom?

The Navman 530 is very slim, no pop-up GPS aerial required here, its all discrete in the top of the model. Black in colour, with a nice large screen, the usual navigation buttons are on the right, but strangely no cross pad. The 530 uses a combination of Touch Screen (stylus hidden at top of device) and these navigation buttons.

Turning the unit on , everything will be familiar to Navman users, and clearly laid out for the new user. Destinations can be entered by town, POIs, saved favourites, Full Postcode (at last!), recent destinations. Its all logical and easily done, entering a new place to go only takes a few seconds, although you do have to use the stylus.

On the go, and then Navman 530 excels with its bright, clear 3d maps. You can opt for top-down or a route list, I prefer to stick with 3d. Auto-zoom keeps us where we can see the detail we need, but I did find it necessary to turn off some of the Points of Interest to keep the screen from becoming too cluttered.

This Navman is much louder than the previous 510 and 520, it can clearly be heard above engine noise, very impressive. Wrong turns were delt with quickly, all the GPS bits working fine.

The Navman icn530 comes with everything you need to get started & connect it to your PC, as well as a nifty remote control. What is surprising is that you get the Discs for the rest of Western Europe in the box, a real plus. Just buy a bigger SD card (up to 512mb), load the maps from your PC and you've got a Pan-European GPS navigation device, all for under £300!

The Navman icn 530 can accept downloaded POIfiles, so you could have speed-cameras installed, as well as the hundreds of different Points of Interest that people have created.

So, have Navman come up with a Tom Tom beater? Well, at this price point the icn 530 is inbetween the tomtom One and the 510 - the Navman comes with more comprehensive maps than both, and is a much sexier device, smaller and cooler looking, so the Navman 530 is better than the TomTom One. When compared to the TT510, its not as good. The 510 has widescreen, hands-free bluetooth, ipod connectivity, picture viewer, mp3 and audio book player, and main roads in Europe, but it is £50 more.

Which would I buy? Well, if I had £300 to spend, and needed all the maps of Western Europe, then the Navman 530 would be my choice, it really grew on me while I had it. If I had an extra £50, then I'd buy a tomtom 510, it has a lot more features. Buy a Navman iCN530 - GPS Navigation System From Amazon.co.uk.


i have bought an icn 530 and i can programme the destinations in ok but when the map appears it goes off on its own and the spoken directions kick in straight away in fact she has arrived at my destination before i've moved off any pointers please its driving me mad  thanks von.

Its in demo mode. Go through the settings and turn it off!

i bought from comet a navman icn 320 sat nav never used it  and i am trying to purchace the instruction book how to operate it  i would appreciate any help it must be over 12 mths old thank you sheila.

You can download it here.

I have the iCN530 and have just read the above comment on copying the Euro maps from the discs to PC then to an SD card.After opening the discs I'm a bit confused? Do I copy the entire content of each disc or only selected parts? I have the discs but not the code, bought off Ebay under the impression the Euro maps were loaded and Navman want £100 for a code. I hope somebody can enlighten me on this...Thanks. John.

Originaly the unit would have come with the codes to install the maps. I don't think there's much you can do without it.

Hi, I live in Western Australia and own a NAVMAN 530. I am visiting uk later in the year and would like to purchase uk map data for this. I find that it is a discontinued item. Is it possible to purchase a map cd and transfer to an SD card?
Any advice, inoformation on cost etc would be welcome.
Have a good day

I think you'll be looking at ebay if you want maps for the 530. I think you'd be better off just buying a new one - Garmin 250's are incredibly cheap at the moment from Amazon.co.uk, or just buy one when you get here - you'll be able to pick up a decent Navman, TomTom or Garmin for under £150 from somewhere like Halfords, our National Car / Bike Retailer.

Click the speaker icon to listen to Johns question about his Navman 530.

Hi. I recently bought a navman gps 530i and was wondering if its possible to detect speed cameras mobile and static with this model.
Please help.
regards ray

Hi Ray,

You will need to download a speed-camera POI file to your device.

The navman shop is unclear about which of their POI files you need (I'm still awaiting a reply from them about which one you need).

However, the excellent pocketgpsworld.com site offers a navman compatible Uk & European speed camera database.

You will have to register (free) to see the compatibility list, but as long as your device is running smart st 2006 or higher it should work ok. The database costs £19.00 (the cost of a years subscription to the site) but full instructions are given and there is a lively forum to answer any questions you have.

Thanks, Rob

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