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Navman icn 510

Navman icn 510

Navman icn 510 Review


Pete T 12/01/2006

The question is, can a legacy, or obsolete, GPS in-car navigation device, cut it as a second-hand purchase for the car-driver on a budget?

Now available for less than the price of a new Tomtom, the 510 looks the part, being the predecessor of the 520, a much more recent product. Lets open the box & see what we get!

The Navman 510 I got to review was pretty much complete, with the unit, stylus, windscreen mount, power lead, home charger, usb lead, case, map-discs and manuals.

First impressions, the Navman is nice and compact, with a fold out antennae, side navigation buttons, and a good size screen. After sliding the supplied SD card into its slot and turning the main power switch on, the unit is ready to start. The Navman feels nice and I think it looks great, really stylish.

The GPS unit is fixed to your car screen with the usual suction mount, and plugs into the cigar lighter. Turning the 510 on, the bright screen instantly impresses, then we're into the menu screen and navigating.

Like most Car Navigation units of its era, the 510 only supports 5 digit Postcode look-up, but I never find that a problem, it just takes that little bit longer to enter the destination of where you want to go. Points of interest, town centres, your favourites and recent destinations.

You can enter information using the navigation pad at the right of the unit, or use the stylus on the touch-sensitive screen. I have to say that the joypad type key that does up, down, left and right is very sensitive, and its too easy to make it go the wrong way, so I found the best way is to use the stylus and touch screen. If you use you little finger, that works too, but the screen can get a little dirty.

Once our destination is in, and the GPS receiver kicks in, and we're off. We can choose between a 3d mad, top-down, route list or combination of top-down & route list. The angle of the 3d map can be adjusted to the view you like via the navigation pad, and the zoom adjusted with the + and - buttons.

The voice can be male or female, and is clear and gives instructions with adequate warning, but its not the loudest, in fact if you've got the window down it can be hard to hear it.

The Navman icn 510 gave me no problems with navigation, the GPS signal was always strong, and it handled my deliberate wrong turns with ease, getting back on track quickly and efficiently.

Would I buy one? The maps are old (unless you buy new ones from Navman) but it is a very competent device, smaller and sleaker than the Tom Tom Go range. I guess it comes down to price. A boxed unit, with all the bits, for £150 or less would be a bargain, and I'd definitely go for it.

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