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The internet, the phenomenon of our time. The World Wide Web has crept into almost all the aspects of our lives, from buying and selling goods, auctions, communicating with others, earning money, sharing information.... the list goes on. Obviously, by writing this web site I know a little about SEO and internet related things, so I'll be sharing that knowledge with you as I go along. Getting this website to a good position in the Search Engines is a particular obsession of mine, so you'll find plenty of advice about that too.

I make no claims to my articles accuracy or if they'll help you achieve your goals - but maybe you'll gain some insight and have some fun while reading them! (Check out this CBC broadcast from 1993 - how far we've come! :-) )

Skype and Voip - Free Telephone Calls! Have a read of our quick guide to cutting down your ,monthly phone bills with an internet solution.



2007 Website Review A look back at what went well for this site in '07 and a look forward into what we'll be doing in 2008.


Online Applications Ditch those old fashioned hardware-based programmes and move over to server side solutions such as Google Mail, Docs, Sheet and more!

Using Google Trends to understand the seasonal variations that have a very real effect on the number of visitors to your sites and the earnings you make from them.


Is It Worth Subscribing To Webmaster World Although it's got great free forums, the question always remains as to whether the private, paid forum offers even greater insight into SEO and webmaster related issues - so we take the plunge, splash the cash and subscribe!


Google Changes Are On The Way! With hopefully the end of arbitrage and the start of content based search rankings.


Internal and External Links Another article about how you should be loooking at the links on your website, to improve usability and authority.

Crossing The Links Rubicon... Forget your predjudices about reciprocals - and get linking.


Is Your Content Too Good For Adsense? Short discusion about how great content could lead to low click-thru rates.

Google Analytics How to add the code to your website and what information can be had.


Reducing Bounce Rate to keep visitors and hopefully increase revenue, how I will do it on this website.
Adsense Tips #1 Make the most out of your Google Adsense income with this article.

Beating Ebay Ebay - the consumer phenmenon of the 21st century - but there is ways of beating the odds...


Amazon Associate Program can earn your website some extra cash if used in the right way.


Content vs Link Building How are you better off spending your time?

Adsense Tips #2 In this article we look at poor performing pages and what a good adsense page might contain.


Make Your Own Animated Banner Ads using Photoshop Elements, to replace redundant or poorly performing Adsense blocks.

Frontpage vs Dreamweaver Which is the best WYSIWYG web editor - we try to guide you to the right product.

Writing Content Adding meaningful copy can be one of the hardest parts of creating a website - share some of my techniques.

Building Links The one way you will definitely improve the popularity of your website.

Using Free Web Hosting Flies in the face of conventional wisdom, but free web hosts are the perfect training ground for the new Webmaster.


$100k Per Year From your websites. Could it be possible for the amateur webmaster to achieve this goal?


SEO Search Engine Optimisation - my spin on the subject.

Keeping Going How to keep adding content to your website, for the amateur webmaster.


Lies and Damn Lies Can the Internet be trusted?

Using Your Pocket PC Psion to write content away from your desktop - we show you how.


Free Hosting Problem What happened to some of my sites when I didn't keep an eye on them for several months...

Ebay Diary A Record of my sales on the internet auction house. (Now with Part 2 and Part 3). I've also added a 2000 ad auction diary.


Supplemental Hell How this site is banished to the bottom of the Serps. Or Is It????


To Linux Or Not To Linux? Should I swap to the penguin? I'm not sure...


One Way Links If you want to improve your Search Engine Rankings without going reciprocal, read this article.


Key Words and Phrases Increase the number of visitors to your site with this simple guide.


WS_FTP LE Free Download Still available on this page, the great free FTP program.


Internet Security Test your pc at various sites using these useful links.


Server Error Handling Issues How incorrect error handling could lead to duplicate content penalties for your website.


Optimising An Old Site to increase visitors and revenue. Can I get my very first website to perform again? Experimenting With Adsense Colors can increase your revenue, CPC, read our article.

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