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How To Record, Host and Distribute Your Own Podcast With Our Simple Instructions, Guides & FAQ

It's Incredibly Easy and Very Cheap To Do, Come On, Have A Go!

Podcasting, the new media for the 21st Century. Whether it be audio or video, you'll be amazed at how easy, and cheap, it is to start Podcasting (or Netcast as Leo Laporte likes to call it....), so if you've got some time to spare, something to talk about, and a few dollars or pounds a month, why not have a go?

Podcast TitleListen To My GPS, Tech and Net Podcast - On your Ipod, Computer, or any device that can play mp3's. It's free!


Podcast LogoFujifilm S5700 S700 Podcast Audio Instruction guide to learn all about this great little camera and maybe take some better pics too!

1. Understanding Podcasts - An explanation of what Podcasts are, and what makes them work.


2. Podcasting Equipment, Software and Hosting What you'll need to get started

3. Recording Podcasts With Audacity One, two, one two, it's time to get started with our first Podcast.


4. Adding Stingers To Your Podcasts Musical interludes that help to break up the flow.

5. Embedding A Picture Into Your Podcast Essential if you want your logo to appear on your listeners ipod or mp3 player.


6. Uploading and Hosting Your Podcast Every 'cast has to have somewhere to live...
7. Writing And Submitting Your Podcast Feed Without this, noone will ever listen to you..... Using Skype to Record Podcast Interviews Free Internet calls means every Podcaster can have guests on, from all over the world.

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