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Garmin GPS Sat Nav Update Guide

How To Keep Your Satellite Navigation Maps, Operating System and Speed Cameras Up To Date

Ok, a word of warning before we start. There is a school of thought that says why bother updating your GPS Sat Nav is actually worth it. If it's working ok, and you've got nothing to worry about, why not just leave it? To be honest I mostly agree, but for things like Speed Cameras you might as well take advantage of the free trial, and the system updates do fix bugs that you might not previously have been aware of.

One of the most important reasons to update is reliability. If you do have a problem with your GPS and phone for support they may well ask if you've downloaded the latest update, and it saves a lot of time if you already have.

Lets get started!

Garmin Speed Camera Page

One of the most useful things you can do first is take advantage of Garmin's free Speed Camera trial. It's also good to back-up your device first, so if you visit my Garmin Speed Camera Update Guide it shows you how to do that there.

Although you can get a free trial for a month, after that if you want to stay up to date you'll have to subscribe.

My Garmin Login
If you didn't do it as part of the Speed Camera update, go over to My Garmin and register, so you'll get all the latest info about your device.
Garmin webupdater

Next we're going to download and run the latest version of Garmins Webupdater Software.

This handy little application not only keeps itself updated, but when run, and you attach your GPS, it'll download any updates for the units operating system.

Download, install and run Webupdater.

Remember, operating system updates are free, so do this whenever you want.

Webupdater find device

When you run Webupdater it'll look to see if there's any updates for itself first, so click next and let it get on with it.

Then attach your Garmin and you should see a screen like on the left. Check its found the right device and click next.

webupdater updates

After chatting to the Garmin server for a few minutes you should end up at a screen like this. My Nuvi 200 has the latest operating system, so its just asking me if I want to install some of the newer languages, which if I did I'd just tick the ones I wanted, then next.

That's it! Easy or what? So every month or so flash up Webupdater - start button, programs, Garmin, Webupdater, plug in your GPS and keep your unit up to date.

Garmin map coverage

Right, now we're going to discuss updating maps.

As of the end of 2007 the only way to update your Garmin maps is when they issue a new City Navigator update - which happens every few years,

Garmin map update page

To find out whether you've got the latest maps on your Garmin, nip on over to their Map Update Page.

Type in your units serial number to see if any newer maps are available.

If there is an update it will tell you what to do.

Navteq Map Updater

Just because there isn't an update doesn't mean you can't do your bit to make Garmin maps more accurate.

If you find an error or omission, report it at Navteq's Map Reporter site.

Go to Navteq's main site and you can learn all about how they create GPS maps, very interesting.

Garmin New Voices DemoNew Voices For Your Garmin Nuvi! They're here at last. AT LAST!!!!!!!

Comments / Questions:

I have been given a new Nuvi 200 with
canadian and us map pre loaded
(It came from Canada)I live in the UK

Can I use the 2009 City Navigator Europe NT
DVD to load the uk and European maps onto a SD card in the socket provided?

Should be OK.

i have a Garmin 250 and when i turn it on i got the following notice: My garmin should be updated.How do i go about updating these maps and what equipment do i need to do it.Do i need a computer,or i have to purchase a SD card already preloaded with a updated map.

Normally you'd need to use a computer and download the map from Garmin (ya gotta pay!). You don't have to update it though.

Just downloaded the 2009 update and tried to install. It allows me to install but says I must pick a single map as there is not enough memory. So I uninstalled the languages and help files that I do not need as per gavin website instructions. Now I try to install again (rebooted everything) and still get the same error.

My question. Is the new european update 2009 so large that it will not load full on the 250W? Any idea where I can go from here. Do I just live with the fact that I must load UK and Eire not be able to use it in europe again. Seems sad to lose all my european maps.

Lastly, have you any idea what the .srf files are for under the vehicle folder, can I delete some of these e.g. the truck.srf file?

Many thanks and brilliant site. Craig.

You're probably trying to load too many maps, or maybe try using an SD card..

ok, got a 200W garmin with uk and ireland city city navigator installed. i registered the garmin with the garmin site and was told map update available. i did this but now it wont accept postcodes and the detail of the maps is not as good as it used to be. it wont even recognise any uk addresses now. can i put it back to its original maps, if so how is this done. Paul.

Check that the new map is selected - settings, map, map info.


Try a reset (button under aerial), but it may be duff.

Is it necessary to buy map updates in order to keep on top of road changes?  I'm thinking that if Councils change roads (eg make one-way or no entry) will the Sat Nav be any use?

Not all real road changes are included in the updates, so I guess it comes down to whether in the old days you thought it was worth buying a new paper Road Atlas every year.

I purchased a Garmin Nuvi 200 last Christmas - thought we would only need UK/Ireland maps but have since driven in France so thought we would purchase European maps for our unit.

I have purchased the Garmin Map Update 2008 (City Navigator Europe NT) on DVD and will copy this to SD card - do I simply put the SD card into the unit and the maps will be there for Europe?  Thanks for any help! Lisa.

Follow the instructions on the DVD.

Bought a Nuvi 250w on the strength of your excellent review site, thanks. I know the 250w is an entry level SatNav but bit disappointed with the only the single Via Point available for planning a trip. Just wondered if anyone has had experience with the Garmin Roadtrip Editor for Mac. It seems to suggest multiple waypoints can be used. Galen.

I don't think it works with the Nuvi.

I have a nuvi 200 with the UK maps. I have done a map upgrade check on the Garmin website and it comes up with the Garmin city 2008  Europe updates. This also includes maps of Europe. Is it not possible to buy just the UK upgrades for a reduced price, because £60 for maps I am not going to use is just a waste. Richard.

Maybe think of the cost as £60 for the UK maps and the European maps are a bonus.

I have lost my memory card for garmin 200 can any one tell me where i can get a replacement please. thanks. jr.

I'm assuming that it's just an SD card with photo's on it, and not maps. If so, you can get cheap SD cards from Amazon.

I have bought a new Nuvi 250W, I have registered it and have tried to check to see if any d/loads are available,I have also downloaded the pc program to make this possible, but when connected the program does not seem to find the device ? Martin.

Try a different lead, USB port and computer.

I cant play my music files from card i have nuvi300. Charlie.

Make sure your files are in mp3 format. Sometimes it may help to have them in a folder called "music" or "mp3" on your sd card.

I bought a Nuvi 250 today with a holiday in the Algarve, Portugal at the end of October, in mind. Is there anywhere that I can get some POI's for the Algarve?

An excellent site, BTW... Thank you! Calvin.

Check out this link. Make sure you take a paper map too - GPS maps in Spain and Portugal aren't the most comprehensive.

I have just bought a Garmin 760. Though the webupdater can see the Garmin and the software is up to date and having registered it on the Garmin site when I try to get the speed camera downloads (free or paid) and I click to connect it just says scanning and ...... runs dots off the screen indefinitely! any ideas? Simon.

Garmins website can be a bit flakey sometimes, so try at a different time of day. If that doesn't work try restarting your pc and trying again, or try a different pc.

Reference Garmin with folding out antenna, when they show 'GPS off for use indoors' I had this problem with my nuvi 300, I solved it by connecting to my PC and viewing the files on the nuvi, specifically the Garmin folder. By removing files one at a time and then replacing them I found the one that was causing the problem was gmapsup, and img file which was quite big at 127.000 kb. I think this may have been the nT9 euro mapping. Anyway the nuvi now works perfectly, hope this is of use, Kevin.

Thanks for the tip!

Hello, i have just purchased a City Navigator Europe NT micro SD/SD card Italy & Greece for my 2 month old nuvi 200.  I would be grateful if you could let me know how i load the maps when i arrive in Sicily. Do i just put the SD card in the slot and away it goes or am i being simple? Eric.

You should be able just to put the SD card in and the new maps will appear. You can always go into the settings and find the map information and make sure that the new maps are selected too.

I went shopping for a mini usb so I can update my Garmin Nuvi 200 but there were diferent sizes. Which do I need? JB.

Ha! Yeah, there are a few different sizes now. Take your Garmin with you and show it to the sales assistants and they should know.

I'm thinking of buying either the nuvi 200w or nuvi 250 from Amazon, which seem to have quite good prices at the moment(Sept 2008). I can't get an answer from them regarding the map level included with these units, and whether or not I would be able to get the newest map release free of charge from Garmin, after I bought one. I have asked Garmin, but no response. Would you happen to know? Also, do you think the widescreen version is really significantly better, or any easier to use in the car ( my eyesight is not 20/20 anymore)? Your advice would be very much appreciated.
Many thanks.

OK, you should get a free map update, Garmin have made it official policy.

The widescreen is best for people with larger fingers or who have trouble with the little buttons on the normal models.

I've recently purchased a Garmin nuvi 200w. Upon registering this device I found that the maps on my device is far too old (Sept. 2006) however I did not get an option for free update.
Also, I noticed that the GPS received its first satallite connection on 1st April 2007. This is when I didn't even purchased the unit. Is it some sort of test done on the unit at the manufacturing site or is it something I should be concerned of?

I don't think so, but you should contact Garmin and ask for the update.

Can I download truck routes to my nuvi 200. Bill.

Not really, but if you go into the settings and route preferences you can ask it to avoid u-turns and unpaved roads. Also, always use "fastest" and not "shortest" routing. It won't warn you about low and weight-limited bridges though.

I bough a sat nav serial no 14g684185 in July 2008 .My problem is all the new roads in Ireland are not on it .Very dissapointed .Can you help me updade it
Thanking You

Probably not, should have the latest maps on. The maps in Eire are often a bit patchy unfortunately.

Is it possible to add truck routes to my Nuvi 200? Bill.

No, but if you go into preferences you can specify to always take the fastest route and avoid u-turns and unpaved roads. Watch out for weight limits and low bridges.

my garmin nuvi 200 didnt come with an installation disc and i am trying to use my free upgrade but need a product key but there isnt one because i the gps doesnt have an installation disc what do i do?

Register at My Garmin - that'll give you the number to claim.

I'm a mac user and considering the 250/255.  Firstly, I hear that the operation with a mac (map updates) is a bit buggy, I would be interested in your view on this.  Also I am trying to decide between the versions is the 'built-in-traffic' versions worth the extra money? Finally what is the difference between 250 and 255 is it just the processing power that gives it a smoother display?  Thanks Samuel.

The 255 can accept a traffic aerial, and has the latest operating system. Many people report problems with mac connectivity - but if you bought a 255 it would come with the latest maps on anyway.

Presumably you could just run Windows in Bootcamp and everything would work fine.

Is it ok to connect my nuvi 760 to 24volt cigarette lighter in my truck. Peter.

Double check your manual, and the specification on your lead, but should be ok.

I have NUVI 200W. Is it possible to buy in the UK the DVD for USA 2009 maps rather than just the SD card type? Will this be allowed by Garmin?
thank you. Bob.

Hmm. Amazon have only got SD cards at mo. Wait a bit and I'm sure they'll come out soon.

I recently transferred routes to my Navigator 3, while doing this my pc froze/hung up, the routes were transferred ok but the audio output ceased to work (ok before transfer)afterwards, visual indications OK, I have tried everything possible, restore defaults, master reset, changed voice etc. all with no success.
Any ideas?

Contact Garmin.

Are ther any maps for Cyprus thst can be downloaded onto a Garmin 300 available. Bob.

Only unofficial stuff, check out this thread.

I am about to download the 2009 Map updates for my Garmin Nuvi200. But I am a bit confused as to whether to use Garmin's Downloader or not. Some people have said YES; others have said NO. Do you have a suggestion for us newbies? alicez.

If you're talking about a map update, i'd try to get them on disc, its more reliable. (Map downloads are MASSIVE.) Make sure you backup your device before you do anything.

We just bought a Garmin Nuvi 200 from Tennessee only to find out that it has maps for the lower 48 states, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, and none for Canada, which is where we live.

How do we go about getting Canadian Maps installed?  Please give me the realy basic language as I'm not a computer guru...Thanks. Bev.

Bit of a problem. I think you can only get the Canada maps as part of the whole City Navigator NT DVD Map Set, which probably costs more than a Nuvi bought in Canada that has the maps you want already installed. It may be worth going to your local electronics store to see how much a Nuvi costs with Canada maps already on it, then sull your US Nuvi on ebay.

is it possible to get the screen replaced on a Garmin 760T, accidental damage, the rest of the unit seems fine and is working, only 4 weeks old ! have bought a new one but wonder whether it is worth the repair cost to keep or sell on ? Malcolm.

Garmin offer non-warranty repairs, see the bottom of this page.

To contact Garmin check out this link.

I have Australian maps preloaded on my Garmin Nuvi 250.  I have been told before I put another SD card with US maps in it I should save my preloaded maps to an SD card.  Is this true and if so can you tell me how I save the preloaded maps to the SD card. Bryan.

Er, no, I haven't heard that, you should just be able to put the USA SD card in, then make sure it's selected in the map screen. However, it's always a good idea to back-up your device - just connect it to your PC with a mini-usb lead, then copy the ENTIRE contents of the Garmin (you'll see it in My Computer) to your hard drive. Then copy those files to a cd-rom to be really safe.

I have a nuvi 200 and the device is telling me that the maps are outdated. (The maps are the UK ones)
How do I go about updating these maps and what equipment do I need to do it. Please explain in simple terms as I am not a boffin.

You need the 2008 Garmin City Naviagator NT UPDATE dvd, from somewhere like Amazon.co.uk.
You'll also need a mini usb cable.
You don't HAVE TO update the maps.

Funky user name!

Is there any way of updating a nuvi 200 with European maps?
Thanks. Keith.

Just get the Garmin City Navigator NT Europe maps from Amazon (NOT the update.) Comes on DVD or SD card.

Have just bought Garmin 250 and expected to see SD card included! I know the TomTom comes with maps etc loaded on SD. Do I need to purchase SD and if so what size and what would I need to use it for.
Thanks - from a novice. Monica.

Almost all GPS now come with the maps loaded onto the internal memory. You can use the SD card slot for more maps or viewing your photos. You don't need an SD card, but 1gb ones are reasonably cheap now.

I have a Garmin nuvi 250, can I purchase North American maps on a memory card and insert into the card slot and use? Tony.

You can get the USA maps on SD Card from Amazon.

My Nuvi 250 Europe purchased 13/6/07 (14G119954) has 3 times stopped working during journeys recently - i.e. map 'frozen', no sound or warning and cannot be switched off. Several hours later the screen becomes blank again without being handled.  Should I return it to Garmin for repair, or is there a fault I can remedy?  (The internet retailer who sold it to me has gone into receivership)

First try a reset. Turn it off, hold your thumb on the bottom right of the screen, keeping it there, then turn it on, and say yes. Then follow the update process to see if there's a firmware patch.
If all fails
Contact Garmin
They're usually really good.

where is the serial no on my garman 610? Kazmir.

Its on the yellow piece of paper in the box, or on the bottom of the unit (perhaps).

What cable do i need to down load info from laptop to satnav garmin 200? Jas.

Just use a normal mini-usb cable. Most PC or Camera shops sell them - take your Nuvi to make sure you get the right size. Garmin sell their own branded one as well, but it's too expensive in my opinion!

Hi, my garmin says its not been updated for a year, so to update. i have the lastest software so they say, how do i get the reminder off the screen as it comes up every time i switch it on? Doug.

Try heading on over to the
Garmin Webupdater
to see if that works
. If its telling you that you need to update your maps, then I think it'll only stop when you get the latest maps.... optional, of course.

I have just bought a garmin streetpilot and it keeps coming up with a warning about speed at 19mph, this seems strange so does my sat nav need updating, if so how do i do this. Dean.

Just go through the settings and look for the speed warning and change it to a higher value or cancel it.

I am having a problem getting my Garmin Nuvi 350 to recognize my location, I have no bars and every time I lift the attenna, an on screen message say's "GPS is turned off (for use indoors) even when I'm outside... can someone help me? Thanks.

Ok, worse case scenario is that your GPS aerial is broken( or the connector), but first you want to try pressing the reset button on the rear of the unit. If that doesn't work try a system reset. To do this, turn the unit off. Now hold your finger on the screen on the bottom right. Now keep your finger there while you turn it on., then say yes when it asks if you want to delete user data. See if that works.

Webupdater is not Working with my Nuvi 200w I have just brought a new 200w, the latest version of webupdater is installed and seems to be working... I have subcribed to the free 30 day Speed Camera trial and that all worked fine, so one can assume the unit and the software are talking to each other..
When I run Webupdater it says it found the following software update v3.10. It downloads the update, then says "There was a Problem connecting to the Garmin website", and it fails... I've tried it a dozen times now including reinstalling the software, still no luck... It looks like this is a common problem, as I can see other posts, but no one seems to know the answer...
Is there a manual download available...?
Any help would be great, the Garmin website doesn't even mention it...!, not good..

Just tried it on my PC and it all worked smoothly - but my unit was up to date, so the only updates I could download were other languages.
The Garmin website is notorious for failing when it gets too busy, so try again at a different time.
If all fails, try contacting Garmin.

Q: My garmin quest is reading the words "no map " on bottom left of screen, even though the selected maps have been d/loaded sucessfully from p.c.
No infor is displaying on screen at all ,other than the direction pointer ans saved destinations.
Any Suggestions? Dan.

Tricky. If you've got the map discs, I'd perform a factory reset on your Quest, reboot your pc, and try again.

Salut j'ai un garmin que j'ai acheter au canada et j'ai besoin de la carte d'europe est ce que c'est possibe de me la passer et je te passe la maps du canada et ds etat units merci.

Vous avez besoin d'acheter les cartes d'Europe de Garmin : http://www8.garmin.com/cartography/mapSource/citynavntEurope.jsp Vous ne dites pas qui Garmin vous avez, donc vérifier la compatibilité de carte. Les excuses si ceci est mauvais français, j'utilise un traducteur en ligne !

My Garmin nuvi or what ever its called is telling me the memory is full I dont know how to free up space, can you help? Julian.

Ok, if its a Nuvi 200, 200w 250, 250w, 270 you can do a system reset, which should clear the memory, it will basically return it to factory settings, so you'll lose favorites, recent destinations, etc.

Turn the unit off. Hold your thumb pressing against the bottom right of the screen. Hold it there while turning the unit on. Say "yes" when asked. That should do it.

If its a Nuvi 300 series - 300, 310, 350, etc, do this: (Copied from here)

1. Open Maintenance Mode by pressing the lower left-hand corner of the touch screen while unit is being turned on.
2. When the "Do you really want to start up in maintenance mode?" prompts, press the "Yes" button.
3. Log on password if necessary.
4. Press the "Clear user data".
5. When the "Do you really want to erase all user data?" prompts, press the "Yes" button.
6. Nuvi restarts.

If its a 600 series - 660, 670 etc, do this: (Copied from here)

Step 1. Turn your Nuvi unit off, remove any SD cards from the SD card slot and make sure that the unit is not plugged into any computer.
Step 2. Place a fingertip on the upper left hand corner of the touch screen and keep it there while turning the unit on, a prompt should read " Do you really want to start in maintenance mode?"
Step 3. Select the yes button.
Step 4. Enter your PIN if enabled.
Step 5. Main Maintenance Mode screen should have 4 selections:
System information
View Diagnostics
Clear User data
Clear Waypoints
Step 6. Choose "Clear Waypoints". After some time the unit should reboot.

I am shortly going to the west coast of America. Am i able to update my BMW Motorrad Navigator II to cover this area. How much and where from please Thankyou. Brian.

I'm pretty sure the BMW Motorrad Navigator II is the same as a Garmin StreetPilot 2610. See this page to confirm.
That means you need the Garmin MapSource® City Navigator North America DVD.
Please check with Garmin before you buy though!

Do you know roughly how much map updates for the uk cost after the first year? Pete.

You don't have to (and can't sometimes) update your maps every year - but Garmin have just released their 2008 map update which is available from Amazon for about £60.


Try contacting Garmin

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