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Garmin UK Speed Camera Trial

How To Download And Install The Free Speed Camera Trial From Garmin UK

Garmin UK are currently offering a free trial of their Speed-Camera POI database, so you can give it a go to see if its worth subscribing, or at the very least updating the Speed Camera file that came with your Garmin. I'll be using my Nuvi 200 in these examples.

Lets get started!

Garmin Speed Camera Page

First up let's head on over to Garmin UK's Speed camera page to read all about it.

Don't worry about the £29.99 price, if you scroll down to the bottom of their page you'll see their link for the free trial.

My Garmin Login
Now its time to login to "my Garmin". If you haven't got an account already just follow their simple instructions and you'll be up and running in no time.
my Garmin intro

You should now see a screen something like this. Note the list of compatible devices.

Click "Activate Your Free Trial"

Connect device
Connect your Garmin via the USB cable. Watch out for a Javascript warning that may pop up or appear on your PC's task bar - click "run" if it does.

The programme will now scan for your Sat Nav.

Windows could pop up with one of its "autoplay" boxes where it asks you what to do, just cancel it.

After about a minute it should find your GPS.

Click "select", then "confirm" if the info is correct, then "next".

Now select "UK", or whatever maps you have on the device, then "next".

You'll then have to enter or check your contact details.

confirm subscription
Now "Activate Subscription", then "Download", then "Connect", then "Download".

Data will start to be transferred to your device, then it'll tell you its complete after a couple of minutes.

How easy was that!

If you want to extend past the trial period you'll have to pay the £29.99 a year, but that's nothing compared to a fine and 3 points...

Garmin camera update page
If you find any cameras that aren't on your Garmin, you can report them at their Safety Camera User Feedback Form.

Comments / Questions:


There's a usb connector on the back.

Thinking of purchasing a nuvi 200. Wondered if it detects mobile cameras, ie. ones police would be on road with or just long-term cameras? Roisin.

The Nuvi cannot detect any cameras, it can only warn you of where it thinks cameras are located. Many mobile positions are included, but obviously random speed traps will not be included.

Have a nuvi 250w
and tryed to update the free 30 trial and it will not let me its says only connect one garmin at a time!

Any ideas. Brian.

Try disconnecting all other USB devices.

my battery is running low in about half an hour where can i get a new one and how do i change it nuvi 250w ? eric.

Contact Garmin.

Will this work with garmin mobile xt on my windows based mobile device?


Hi, Does the speed camera feature included warnings of ordinary 30 or 40 mph town limits? Dominic.

Just where the cameras are.

I bought a NUVI 270 and recently downloaded the Garmin Safety Camera POI trial subscription for Italy. Is this POI file as complete as the Subscriber download? What I understand is that the GPS will beep when in proximity to a speed camera ONLY if I am speeding -- right? Will there be a symbol denoting a Speed Camera's location on the map? How best to test this before leaving, such as finding or editing a US Safety Camera POI. John.

The trial will be the same as the subscriber download.

What happens is that as you approach a camera the unit will beep anyway, and continue beeping if you're over, or on, the limit.

An icon of a speed camera appears on the map, and a warning at the top of the screen.

To test it, just go into the settings and turn the GPS simulator on, then put in a route where you know they'll be speed cameras.

Be aware that many countries use mobile speed camera traps, cops with radar / laser guns, and although many of the common locations are in the database, the Garmin has no way of "detecting" a random trap, so still keep your wits about you.

just been on garmin website for new map update as my 200 has notified me that the maps are out of date. £50-£60 for update is there anywhere i can get them any cheaper or FREE. Noel.

Sorry, no.

Just bought a Garmin 250... v. pleased so far. Do you know if the 30 day trial Speed Cam. Data subscription has to be activated straight away, or can I do it in a month or so? How uptodate is the speed cam. data on the unit straight out of the box likely to be? Bob.

You can activate it whenever you want, I didn't register and use it until 6 months after I purchased my 200.

other speed camera companies offer incentives to people if they keep them updated on safety camera locations i do think that garmin should do like wise. perhaps offer a £5 discount code so you can get reduced subscription. Debbie.

Good Idea!

Hi love the site, a quick question how do i load POIs to my Garmin Nuvi 200 and are they best loaded to the SD card or unit, again i need to ask how for each option. John.

Load them onto the SD card. Check out my POI install guide.

Is it possible to change the speed you are alerted to the limit. My nuvi bleeps at about 65 mph on the motorway, 28mph in a 30 and so on? It drives me mad! Cliff.


Is it possible to change the camera warning sound on a Garmin nuvi 200W? Mutley.

I don't think so!

Just bought a Garmin nuvi 250W and it's great! One problem. I can't stop the constant beeping when you're in a "Mobile Safety Camera Zone" and you're going slightly over the limit. Is there any way to switch this off?? I value the beeped warning I'm entering a zone, but after that I don't want to be nagged... =( Greg.

Errrr,,,, if you're over the limit it'll warn you. Sorry.

I have just bought second hand street pilot i3 and even though old its great and has built in warnings is it easy to upload latest version and will it damage my garmin? do you just plug in and download. Peter.

Ok, you want to get on over to Garmin and register and see if the i3 is on the list of compatible devices.

Hi, first of all to say thank you for all your hardwork. Second,if I install the trial version of speed cameras from Garmin,what happens after the trial period runs out? does it stop working?or does it keep reminding you of this fact that you need to renew this?if you can let me know,cheers. Navid.

The warnings keeps working, but obviously you database is slowly going out of date.

Garmin seem to have removed the free trial option.  it only seems to want payment after my personal details have been entered.  no link for a free trial. Tony.

Its at the bottom of the Garmin page.

If I download the 30 day trial and then decide that I don't want to buy it, what will happen to my Garmin, which is the 2007 model?


Hi,  I am thinking about buying a garmin 200w.  I really want it for full time camera detection and for occasional journey mapping.  Does the garmin constantly beep when you are approaching a camera if driving too fast and stop beeping when slowed down to the correct speed and should you start speeding again does it start constantly beeping again ?? Hope that makes sense coz that’s what I would need it to do if I buy one. Also do I have to plan a journey for the speed camera bit to work as that would be a pain if I didn’t need directions. Thanks Pete.

Yes. Yes. No.

I have seen another review of the Nuvi 250w which shows a more comprehensive speed camera warning screen.
That is it shows the red bar--- plus down the side
distance to camera/camera set speed and your current speed.Is this a third party device or how do I set up to get this info.Thanks. Paul.

It might be a firmware upgrade, or Garmin have just used different software. Mine just has the warning at the top.

Hi.Just a follow up on my previous e-mail.I think I was a bit vague.I have followed the instructions for free download of safety camera subscription up to step 5.The programme then freezes.Is this a problem with windows vista.Thanks for any help you can give me.Peter

Sorry, I don't run Vista yet so can't really say. You're better off
contacting Garmin.

Hi, having come across your site thru surfing to solve problems BINGO.
Your site is FANTASTIC solved all my questions
far far easier than Garmins site info- especially
speed camera data base.
OH by the way I tried placing my finger on GPS
bar and yes it does bring up new screen showing sat activity and positions.
My device is a 250W
Thanks for a great site --- it is firmly bookmarked  Paul.


Loved the video!  Why, oh why didn't Garmin include one with the satnav!!
However, I still csn't fathom out what all the beeping is about.  I understand 2 quick ones together seems to mean speed camera ahead, but why did it keep pinging for about a mile when I was doing 60mph on a busy motorway and the same again when doing 38 in a 40mph zone.  (It repeated this pinging in the same area on the way home going the other way.)
My little, ancient, non-techy brain can't cope, so I hope you can help me ,please.

Ok, the unit warns you when you're approaching a camera. Then it will keep on beeping if you're near or over the speed limit. Remember that there may have been a temporary speed camera that's been removed or the speed changed.

I have just purchased a nuvi250w and it's great!
However, I have come across a 'missing' red light camera which has been sited for many years. I have reported it to Garmin using their system but is there a way I can enter this myself? I have looked at the mygarmin site but can't figure out how to do it.
Thanks in advance. Richard.

I don't think you can add them manually. You could add it as a POI, but then it wouldn't warn you. If you're in the UK could could swap to the
Pocketgpsworld Speed Camera Database

Hi, does anybody know where can i find Eastern Europe's fresh speedcam database to download it for Garmin Nüvi? :/ Neferu

Did a quick search but can't find anything like that, I'll put your post on the site to see if anyone else somes up with anything.

I have downloaded the optional cars logo which appears on the screen. I have dragged it into the Garmin program ok but how do I change from one to the other? Thanks. Pete.

Simply load a jpg onto an sd card (or into the internal memory), then press the spanner, go into the picture viewer, the tick the little box that says "display at start-up".

I recently purchased speed camera information for the uk but for some reason i have available speed cameras for holland. Who would be able to help me rectify this error. Kim.

Sounds to me like you've selected the wrong file to download. Contact Garmin for help.

Hi I need Speed / Safety Camera Detector & Warning Devices for a Garmin nuvi 200. I am in South Africa. Rose.

Here they are.
You'll need this.
And its worth looking at this!

I bought a Garmin nuvi 250 last year. I think that the speed camera & map updates should be free. (conned by the saleman) The unit consistantly takes forever to locate a satellite. Dave.

Try resetting it (will blank memory, but keep maps) - turn off, hold thumb on bottom right of screen, turn on, say "yes".

do you no how i can update my garmin street pilot i3 please im finding it really hard and can i do it for free ive tryed garmins website its no good they say they sent me dvds but they havent is they any over way thanx dean

Ok, If you want to update the maps on your i3 the only way I know to do it is via Garmins maps - which you have to pay for, and unfortunately I think they only come on dvd. Check this link.
However, bear in mind that at the moment (March'08) a brand new Garmin Nuvi 250 from Amazon.co.uk is only £105 - and that’s got the maps of the UK and Europe!

Anyone had a problem with this procedure? I've tried it in three different browsers (IE7, Firefox & Opera) and it just hangs after hitting the 'Connect' button. Not being blocked by my firewall as far as I can see.

Worked fine for a few other people I've contacted - probably a problem with Garmin. I'd wait awhile and try again.

I am disapointed that my nouvi 200w will not flag up general speed limts but only speed cameras. Is there any way for it to register general speed limts at all? Thanks, Keith

I guess that feature will come along in the next generation of Sat Navs - that's a lot of data - and councils keep changing limits, moving signs, etc, but maybe someone will come up with a POI file that does the job.

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