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Garmin In-Car GPS Sat Nav Devices

Garmin GPS Navigation Systems

Garmin, traditionally well known for their maritime GPS Navigation devices, have moved strongly into the in car transferable market - with some excellent models filled with lots of extra features. Always compare your Garmins, Tomtoms and others, you'll be suprised how in those comparisons the Garmin devices deliver very strong results. Their sleek design, clear screens and loud speakers make them a favourite amongst tens of thousands of car users.

Ozzy DemoAlternative Garmin Nuvi Voice Demo At Last! Something else to listen to! Nuvi 610Garmin Nuvi 610 Review A Slightly older model that's going for a bargain at the moment, get them while they're still available...
Garmin 800 SeriesGarmin Nuvi 800 Series Range Review We take a look at the 850 and 880, for use in the US and Canada, and the 860, for European navigation.

Garmin Nuvi 255wGarmin Nuvi 255 / 255w Review - Pan-European or North American GPS Sat Nav with text to speech and a bargain price.


Garmin Nuvi 770tGarmin Nuvi 770t Review If you need maps of the UK, Europe AND the USA, check out our article and see if this slimline GPS is right for you.



Garmin Nuvi 205 / 205wGarmin Nuvi 205 / 205w Review Brand new entry-level GPS Sat Nav that promises great value for money, easy of use and reliability.

Garmin Nuvi 700 SeriesGarmin Nuvi 700 Series Buyers Guide We help you through the maze of different models to find the one thats right for you.



Garmon Nuvi 710tGarmin Nuvi 710t Review UK & Eire GPS Sat Nav with Bluetooth, FM Modulator, Speed Cameras, but no text to speech.

Garmin Nuvi Beginners Guide VideoGarmin Nuvi 200 Series Beginners Guide Instruction Video If you've got a new 200, 250, 260 or 270, here's a quick video to bring you up to speed.


Garmin Nuvi Lat / LongGarmin Nuvi FAQ - Geocaching and Lat Long Video Shows you how to access some of the latitude and longitude features of the 200 series.

Garmin Nuvi FAQGarmin Nuvi 200 Series Video FAQ Netcast of the most Frequently Asked Question from this site, about the Nuvi 200, 250, 260, 270 and W versions.


Bangkok Map on NuviInstalling Rotweiler Maps On Your Garmin Nuvi We look at these third party maps which you might like to use if the destination you want isn't available from Garmin, or if the price is an issue.


Garmin LockUnderstanding Garmin Lock Securing your GPS Sat Nav and other techniques to stop your device from getting nicked.


Road SignGarmin POI installation Guide Walk-through showing you how to add custom POI's to your GPS.



Garmin DiabloGarmin Custom Vehicle Icons We show you how to personalise your Garmin GPS with FREE cars, trucks, planes and ships from Garmin, and its easy too!


My GarminGarmin Update Guide How to keep your GPS Sat Nav up to date.

Garmin Nuvi 760Garmin Nuvi 760 Review Finally we have proper multiple route planning with this pan-European Sat Nav - the unit to beat the new TomTom Go's?


Speed Camera IntroGarmin Speed Camera Trial Quick guide showing you how easy it is to update the Safety Camera database on your GPS for free via the Garmin website.

Nuvi 660fmGarmin Nuvi 660 FM Promises to deliver an amazing package - Bluetooth, widescreen, and an FM modulator to channel audio through your cars speakers...


Funny Sat NavMy Garmin Sat Nav After reviewing dozens of devices, from all the major in-car companies, which Sat Nav did I spend my own money on?

Nuvi 250Garmin Nuvi 200 / 250 a great slimline GPS Navigator that challenges the TomTom One. Please also see Siu's Nuvi 250 Review.


Garmin c550Garmin Streetpilot c550 Maybe the best Pan-European / US navigator so far...

Garmin Nuvi 270Garmin Nuvi 270 Review With pre-installed maps of Europe and North America, this compact and easy to use Sat Nav should be on your shopping list if you need a device for both continents.


Garmin ManGarmin 2007 Range Guide Extensive comparison of the current models from Garmin, allowing you to choose the Sat Nav that's right for you.

Garmin 510Garmin c510d A great Offering from Garmin, with integrated TMC congestion functions.


Garmin Nuvi 660Garmin Nuvi 660 Widescreen, European maps, speed-cameras, hands-free Bluetooth calls, mp3, Touch-Screen - superb.

Nuvi 370Garmin Nuvi 370 From Europe to America - in a small, perfect package.


Garmin Nuvi 350Garmin Nuvi 350 A great continental Satellite Navigator, with Travel Guides, Mp3 player and translation tools. It'll even read out road names!

Nuvi 300Garmin Nuvi 300 New, fantastic Sat Nav for UK & Ireland.

Nuvi 310Garmin Nuvi 310 WIth the addition of Bluetooth, this Garmin could be a real TomTom beater.


Garmin Quest A legacy GPS navigation device, but can it still cut it against more modern rivals?


Garmin StreetPilot I3 Very, very small. But very, very powerful.

Garmin StreetPilot c310 Can Garmins c310 take on the mighty Tomtoms?



Comments / Questions:

Hi, I bought a Nuv1 200 at end of july 08 and have been unable to actually register it on the garmin site, as it only comes up with aviation products.  Help am I just incompetetant or am I on the wrong site? Kneebone.

Try this link.

There are no clear instruction for downloading and updating information.
Also there is no USB connecting Cable in the package.
Please let me know if and where these can be obtained. George.

Halfords! (I'm sure my sites got loads of info though....)

yes you can get celeb voises for garmin iv got the nuvi 310 and iv got a few on mine try nav-voices .co.uk. daveindover.


I've been using their Ozzy voice on my Nuvi for months its a great laugh although alot of swearing so no good for when the kids are in the car! Sarah.

I've just recieved a demo copy of a different voice - Ozzy without the swearing - so I'll be doing a review soon, just so busy at the moment, but thanks for the tip!

Just bought a Garmin nuvi 250w. and very pleased with it - then I came across your site, and was even more pleased to have your review (and the comments) confirm that I had made the right choice.
Only thing is, I have a feeling I might get tired of the voice - I see this issue has been raised, and the answer has been that alternative voices aren't available.  But I  googled and found this site offering them, for a price - http://www.nav-voices.co.uk/Scripts/default.asp, and saying that they work with all Garmin nuvi models.  Is that not in fact true?

I've seen the site too. I'm trying to get a free sample out of them so I can test it on my Nuvi, I'll post on the site when I do. If you give them a go, please let me know.

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