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New Garmin Nuvi 760t European / North American In-Car GPS Sat Nav Review

We Thought TomTom Had Trumped Garmin With Their New Go Range - But The Nuvi 760 Really Has The Ace - Multiple Route Planning!

Garmin Nuvi 760

Garmin Nuvi 760 Side ViewLets start with the headline news - enter a number of destinations into the new Garmin Nuvi 760 and it will sort them into the most efficient route to take you between them. We've been crying out for this feature in Sat Nav's for years and finally it's here. Perfect for the professional multi drop driver, taxi, coach, or anyone who needs to visit a number of places and needs their Satellite Navigator to tell them the best way to do it. Well done Garmin for being the first to install this benefit in an in-car transferable device, and I think this will be the feature that sells this unit to many thousands of users.

Ok, that pleasant surprise out of the way, what does this new Sat Nav have to offer over the established Nuvi 660fm, its predecessor? As you can see from the picture the Nuvi 760 now has an integrated GPS antennae, no pop-up required here. This creates an even smaller unit which is quicker to take on or off the mounting bracket. We have the usual excellent widescreen with touch control, bundled RDS TMC traffic aerial, Bluetooth for hands-free, FM modulator to send voice instructions, calls or music to your car stereo speakers, speed-cameras pre-installed, and street-level maps of Europe including the UK. Lets now have a look in more detail.

I always had a dislike for pop-out GPS aerials and preferred the look of the 200w series Nuvi's, so this new design is a welcome addition. Less parts to break and one less thing to think about.

The Nuvi 760 can Navigate to addresses, full Post-Codes, latitude and longitude, recent destinations,saved destinations, towns / cities, points selected from the map, and thousands of POI's, all done quicly and easily via the touch-screen.

The inclusion of the RDS traffic aerial, with free subscription for life in the UK really helps to complete the package as a total Navigation solution. Here's an example. You need make several drops all over the South of England in a day. Enter a start destination, then the places you've got to go, in no particular order. Enter your finish location. Save the route, you can call it what you want. Now select to optimise the route. The Nuvi 760 will do its best to take you on the most efficient path. Now after you've set off, if any traffic congestion threatens to slow you down, the information from the TMC aerial will allow you to choose to go round any problems, speeding up your journey and saving you time and money. How cool is that? Plus the built in bluetooth for hands free means that you can make and take calls legally while on the road. If you're in a noisy diesal vehicle simply switch the FM modulator on and have route information transmitted to your car speakers via your radio. WOW! What else could we want from a Sat Nav? (Ok, it would be good if it could make us a cup of tea while on the go, but at least it will find you the nearest cafe / service station for you to stop and have a break!)

The Garmin also has text to speech - so it will read out road names instead of just saying "turn left in 400 feet" it will say "turn left into Church Street." A very useful feature in towns and cities where there could be lots of confusing junctions and roads.

The POI file is impressive, allowing you to find petrol stations / cash-points / hotels etc near you, in specific areas or on your route. Another useful addition, similar to TomTom, is the "Where Am I?" button. Press this and you're given your nearest or current address, lat / long (inc height!) and quick-nav buttons to find the nearest hospitals, police stations or petrol stations. Perfect if you break-down and need to tell the emergency services where you are, or for those who need to record GPS position of locations. (You can save your current position from here too.)

Another really cool feature is that when you remove the Sat Nav from the mounting it records it's current position automatically (if it's on). Why is this so good? Well, if you're in a big car park, or an unfamiliar town, when you need to return to your car, just switch your Garmin on, select navigate to recent destinations and the position of where you parked is there. Amazing.

In the box you get the Nuvi 760, car lead, tmc aerial, windscreen mounting bracket, dashboard disc, USB cable and instruction manual, so first on your list of extras will be a case and maybe a home charger.

The Garmin Nuvi 670 comes with loads of other extras too - security PIN lock, currency converter, world clock, media player for audio books or music, calculator, optional travel guides and translation tools and a handy picture viewer. You can pop your digital cameras SD card into the Nuvi's expansion slot and look at your pics. Great!

In conclusion, if you're in the market for a Sat Nav that can do the whole of Europe and the UK, with the ability to sort multiple destinations into the most efficient route, with Bluetooth for hands-free, and you've got the budget for it, I don't see how you could choose any other model than the Garmin Nuvi 760. Highly recommended.

Update: Amazon currently are selling these for the unbelievable price of £215. Click link below (July '08)

Buy a Garmin Nuvi 760T Sat Nav from Amazon.co.uk - Free Delivery

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Comments / Questions:

Where I can buy for Volvo XC90 2004 Volvo dashboard mount for Garmin Nuvi 760   or  770  ??
Thank you. Fred.

Contact Garmin or your local Volvo dealer.

Hi, how do you turn on the audible bongs when you approach safety cameras. I only get the display on screen. I have maxed every volume control I can find and there does not appear to be anything in the proximilty alerts menu other than alert yes or no. Colin.

Settings, proximity alerts, change, tick the box. Thats it.

hi there
i have a garmin nuvi760
and i need to upgrate the speedin cameras and safety cameras ,coz i was driving the other day in united kingdom,and there was a safety camera which my nuvi760 didnt catch it
,same think with some average speed cameras as well . what do i have to do,coz the people i boughtit from they have told me that i have to upgreatit some times .thanks  for your help. Qasim.

Go to Garmin.

I already own a 760T, purchased in 2007, great toy by the way. I'm so pleased with it I want to buy one as a present. Will I be able to copy the new maps from the new one onto my year old one? Tonser.

Sorry, no, you'll have to buy new maps (if they have been updated.)

After reading the answers to my questions and those of others I have purchased a 760T from Amazon when it was £187.  Delighted with it to date. Question: Next year I shall be going to France and wondered about how to programme the unit for my journey. If I programme it at home for the FULL journey what will happen when I switch it off on the ferry and then back on in France? Will those 21 "missing" miles cause a problem. Is it better to programme it to Dover and then programme it again from Calais to destination?
Thanks. David.

It doesn't really matter, as soon as you're off the ferry / tunnel the Garmin will know where it is and continue the journey as normal.

Hi. I am thinking of getting the Garmin 760t for my Volvo V70. Garmin make a special mount for the Volvo & the 760, which eliminates the wires. GREAT! Is the traffic aerial on the 760t a seperate item or is it integral to the unit? Will the 760t fit the Volvo mount? Any info apreciated. Thanks. Good site! Paul.

The traffic aerial comes out of the side of the power cable, and then you use the supplied suckers to stick it along the bottom of your windscreen.

Hi, Do you know how often Garmin update their traffic camera info?
How do you know when an update is available and can these be downloaded automatically (like the Road-Angel 9000) on the go or are you required to connect to the website and download?
(Just paid for a 760T from 'TheLink' at £195 inc post and am awaiting its arrival).
Finally, can the 760T be interfaced with a laser speed trap detector and what do you need to add in kit to do this? (Can you guess i've amassed a few points!) Lenny.

They don't say how often they update, but I guess pretty regularly.

You have to download the speed camera updates from the Garmin site, I'd do it at least once a week.

No, you can't connect it to a laser detector, good idea though!

With regard to Gund`s non ability to register, I had exactly the same problem when registering the 760, until I looked at the serial No. with a magnifing glass only to find that the third figure was in fact a "B", and not an "8", the only letter in the group. All the figures are very small. Worth a check.

Good tip!

I have the 760T and I was wondering if I could upload US maps on to it for travelling? and if so how do I do it pls? I wanted a Gps that could work both Europe,UK and US but settled for this cos I thought it was worth the money. Thanks.

You need the North America City Navigator NT Maps. NOT the update!

checked this site whilst considering the 760 and was able to gain answers to many questions I probably would have forgotten in a showroom. A big thank you and well done to all concerned,greatly appreciated! George.

No problemo!

Can the 760T navigate to locations using ONLY postcodes as input?  Will the external antenna I use with my current Street Pilot 2620 fit the 760T? David.

The Nuvi uses external aerial # 010-10702-00 and the 2620 uses aerial GA25MCX or GA27C, so I don't thing you'll be able to use your 2620 aerial with your 760t, but you probably won't need it as the 760T has a more sensitive reciever.

You can navigate with Postcodes, but it'll expect a house number too - so you'll just have to put one in. Bear in mind that Postcodes are not as comprehensive as addresses in Sat Navs - as a back up I recommend you've always got access to both.

what is the diffrence between GARMIN 760T AND 660T? Rako.

The 760 has an internal aerial, plus the new software that supports multiple stop route planning, they're the main differences.

I just bought a nuvi760t.  Set-up was a breeze but for the life of me, couldn't register the product on the garmin site.  It kept telling me that the serial number is invalid although I've put in the correct number (found at the base of the gadget where the gold bit is, as explained in the 'where can I find the serial number').  Your advice on this would help to eliminate my frustration.  Many thanks, Gund.

Phone Garmin.


The 760 does, just bear in mind that the mapping isn't that detailed, especially outside the larger towns.

How do i avoid major roads on garmin 760t {don't like motorways A roads} Cliff.

I'm pretty sure you can only avoid major roads - which is Motorways and big A-Roads.

Can you plan routes in Mapsource int the computer and upload to the 760? David.

I don't think so.

Hi - I am looking at buying a TT/Garmin and wondered what the biggest SD card is that they will take? Will they take 8Gb+ SDHC?

I doubt it! Contact the manufacturers websites! Sorry!

What is the difference between the Garmin 760T and the 770?
Is the TMC contained within the unit(s) or separate as in my Nuvi 350?
Is the 760 or 770 up-to-date @ "this time" or would you advise another as I normally keep a unit for 3 yrs approx?  Regards  & tyou. Frank.

Depends where you buy them - 760 normally has Europe or US maps, whereas the 770 has USA AND Europe. TMC is in the cable.

Hi I would like to get one for my mother in-law but she is hard of hearing is it possible to connect external speakers to increase the volume on spoken instructions Barry.

You can connect to her cars radio speakers using the built-in FM transmitter.

Hi. On my 760 with the bluetooth up and running, you will notice there is a "Call Home" box. The first time you touch it, it asks you to enter your number, which I have done. I now want to change the number, but it appears there is no facility to change it. I have asked the question of Garmin, on their site, three times, with no reply. Appart from a full reset, can you help. Thanks. John.

I think you have to go into your favourites (locations), and edit it from there (in your home location.)

about the fm transmitter feature... how good is it? one review i read said the nuvi had trouble locking in on a free channel. then when the unit did it only lasted for two minutes. so he tried searching for another free channel and it happened again. what gives?

Worked fine for me, but I understand that if the FM Spectrum is crowded where you are (dial crammed with stations) then it won't work well.

Hi, I know that the 760T comes with speed camera data but is this for the first 30 days only? After this, do we have to pay for this service? Gina.

No, you only have to pay if you want to subscribe and get updates, otherwiseyou just continue using the same (old) database for as long as you want.

As my 760 only came with a "starter Guide" type of manual, where can I download a PDF copy from? Thanks. Ashleigh.

Here it is.

Hi, First of all what a brilliant site & review / comments.

I am currently looking to upgrade my current Nuvi 350. The speaker has 'died' after 3 years of constant use. A couple of questions: I am looking at the 760T.

1. Will I be able to upload all my 'favorires' that are currently stores on my existing 350 to my 'new' 760T ?

2. My current 'power' cable plugs directly into the cradle mounted on the windscreen. I like this compared to Tom Tom. Will the 760T fit the same crade ?

3. The TMC transmitter - I think this is intergrated into the 760T unit. Is there any extra cables that I will have to fit ?

Many Thanks, Marc

Ok, you may be able to transfer your favourites using the mapsource software - but just maybe. I wouldn't count on it.
The 760 will have a diferent cradle.
The TMC is either a seperate lead, or integrated into the power lead - depends on where you buy it.

hi could anyone tell me how to program mulidrop routes postcodes and put them in order to the quickest first in my tom tom one thanks very much. Dane.

With the TomTom you have to work out the correct order before you put them into the route planner.

After a lot of research I am thinking of buying either the TT720T or Nuvi 760T as my 1st sat nav. I live in Portugal but hail from UK originally so will use mostly in Portugal and UK when I visit regularly. I will also use in EU on hols. Will either unit be fully functional and which would you recommend. Also, would there be a diffence in the models if I buy in Port or UK?

Both come with European maps, although I don't know what the coverage is like in Portugal, so they're equal on that point. What I would do is see if there's a local electronic store where you can play with the units. Look at the maps, enter some local addresses, and see which has the better detail.
Tomtom and Garmin use different map providers, so one may well be better for you than another.
Failing that, ask around at work, see what other people are using in Portugal and what they think.
Both units are very good - I'm a bit of a Garmin fan, but the TomToms are excellent too. The real advantage of the Nuvi is its route planning ability - it can work out the best way to get between multiple destinations, great if you've got to visit a lot of different addresses in the same day.
Buy one from where you're living, from a reputable store with a good returns policy - you need a warranty incase they go wrong.

I see advertised the Garmin 760 and 760t is there a difference? Dave.

The T comes with a traffic aerial for congestion avoidance.

I have a "beanbag" (only) dashboard mount for my 2620.  Will the 760T connect to it without buying any extra parts? David.

Sorry, but the mount for the 760 is different.
have a look at it at Garmin

Hi. What is the difference between the 760 and the 760T? Mike.

The T on the end of 760 stands for traffic - so the unit comes with a TMC aerial for listening for congestion, then routing you round it if you want it to. Different retailers sometimes call 760T's 760's and vice versa, I think most 760's in the UK are T's, but check before you hand over your cash.

I am looking for a sat nav which will allow me to enter my own route and not force me to use the one it likes.  For example: I live in Camberley and wish to tell the S/N to take me onto the A 325 to the junction with the A 30 and then, via Sunningdale, to join the M25 at junction 13 until Junction 21A when I wish to follow the A 405 and A 414 to the junction with the A 1 at Hatfield.  Then via the A 1 to the junction with the A 638 into Dewsbury and then by local roads to the destination.  This is a sample but most of my journeys will be similar.  Someone asked why do I need a sat nav if I have a route and the reason is I wish to pick my route and then have it fed back to me so I do not need to check maps (possibly in the dark)to know where to go.
I have been told - and looking at the User Manual on your website it seems correct - that the Garmin 760 T will allow to do this.  Can you please confirm? Stuart.

Wait for when the new TomTom Go 530, 730 or 930 comes out, they have the route planning ability (or close to it) that you need.)

How do you find houses that have a name but not a number?  Similarly, how do you find a factory etc? Steven.

Houses without numbers are tricky - sometimes the Postcode will take you quite close, most of the time you can only navigate to the road, then keep your eyes open, but if its in the countryside its worth phoning them to get directions. I've had to go to some places at night, in the sticks, and the houses are all down long driveways, and its easy to miss them without them saying "yeah, mine is the house by the phone-box".

You normally find factories or industrial units via the Postcode or nearest Road.

Does the 760 allow you to avoid part of the route, e.g. avoiding motorways? My old TomTom did this, but the Nuvi 200 I just bought does not. Catherine.

With the Garmins you can specify to avoid "major roads" which includes Motorways and Major A-Roads, but you can't pick out specific roads (like you can on TomToms) and ask the unit to avoid them.

What if you require an external aerial because of the new type window screens? For example will the Garmin 760t work in a Citroen Picasso? Fatowl.

You might need one of these. Its best to see if you can try a 760 first though, Halfords is good for this.

Is this sat nav easy to use please ? Carol.

Very easy. If you can use a mobile phone, you can use one of these.

I need to be able to price jobs whilst out on road so if i put a route with multiple addresses in will it give me the total mileage from start of route to finish? Stuart.

The Garmins trip meter will give you that info after you have finished driving the routes (just remember to reset it before each journey), but I don't think it will give you that info before you start - only the distance to the first address.

Does the Nuvi 760 come with speed camera data or do you have to download this separately? How does it respond when a camera is encountered? - does it read it out to you or is it simply highlighted as a POI? Stephen.

The 760 will come with the Speed Camera POI's loaded for UK. As you approach a camera the unit will "bong" and a warning appear on the screen. If you keep going too fast the unit will keep "bonging" until you slow down.

Hi, Just bought my Nuvi760 and I love it! Just a couple of quick questions:
1. Do I need to do anything to enable the traffic warnings ?
2. When I use the FM transmitter for the spoken instructions will it interrupt the radio channel that I'm listening to ?
Thanks, Paul.

Great buy, now to answer your questions.
1. Check out the user manual pages 32 onwards for instructions. Here's the electronic version for you.
2. If you use the FM transmitter you will not be able to listen to the radio at the same time. But you can load songs / audio books onto an sd card and play them through the fm transmitter. The songs will fade out when the GPS needs to talk.

Hi, I need to be able to build my own routes and save them to memory. the 2720 allows this, but does the 760. I own a touring company. ian

The Nuvi 760 can store up to 10 routes with multiple destinations in each. You can tell the unit in which order to go to the destinations, or it can work out the fastest route between all of them.
However each route must be entered manually in each unit you buy, as far as I know there is no simple way to copy routes between units. (Once the advanced users have had them for awhile I'm sure someone will come up with a way of doing this. It should be straight-forward as all data inside the Garmin can be accessed via USB from your PC).
Remember that currently there are no warning poi files that I know of that warn of low bridges, narrow roads or weight limits, so drivers of larger vehicles must take this into account.
Here's the user manual.

Hello again i have now got the 760 with a case and the sound is ok. I have another question my mates 360nuvi can get ordanance survey in his cordinates I cant in mine only wgs84 why is this can I down load ord. sur. from garmin.

Checking my Nuvi 200 I can only enter coordinates in 3 different formats, and not OS. There are various converting sites / scripts out there, check out this one.

Hi has the 760 got a case with it also is the volume loud enough as i am a bit hard of hearing thankyou. Peter.

No case included I'm afraid - but they're only about £12 for a nice leather one.
The 760 is as loud as any other GPS, but what you could do is use the built in FM transmitter and listen to the voice instructions through your car radio - as loud as you want.

Yes, the Garmin 760 does come with a case. George.

I stand corrected!

Hi, I am confused that the 760 seems cheaper (in the uk) on most websites than the 660t fm. Why should this be? I notice the 660 seems to have better battery life. Which is the best system overall? Is the 760 simply an upgraded system compared to the 660, or is the situation more complex?! I am a uk buyer. Thanks...

The 760t is a newer model with newer features. Just checked Amazon.co.uk, and if you click the above link you get it for the unbelievable price of £269.50. I'd get one now before they sell out. (Correct Jan '08)

Hi. How many drop off points can the garmin 760t handle? JJ.

The 760's manual (page 12) only specifies that you can store 10 different routes, not how many drop off points you can have within those routes. My best guess would be "a lot" but I know that's not too helpful. I suggest you contact Garmin.


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