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Garmin Nuvi 610t Review- In Car GPS Sat Nav With Uk Maps, Bluetooth Hands-Free & TMC Traffic

Tired Of Struggling With Entering Destinations Into Small Sat Nav's? Go Widescreen!

Nuvi 610Lets be honest about this, when it comes to GPS Sat Nav's, the most important thing is the accuracy of the maps, full stop. I can tell you that in my experience of testing dozens of devices, and getting emails from thousands of users, Garmin are the best.

So once you've decided on Garmin as your manufacturer, which model do you choose? Today I'm going to be looking at the Nuvi 610 - a great Sat Nav that features a wide-screen, Bluetooth for hands-free operation, and a bundled TMC Traffic aerial to guide you around queues.

Lets start off with the basics. You enter destinations via the touch-screen, and the beauty of the widescreen design is that it's so much easier than trying to fiddle with smaller versions, especially if your fingers are on the larger size...The unit will accept full Post-Codes, or you can enter street, town, number, and find your address that way.

You may have heard of POI's - Points of Interest. This feature means that you can ask the Nuvi where the nearest Petrol Station, Cash-Point, burger bar or hotel is, a great tool when you're on holiday and haven't a clue where to find these places.The Nuvi will also store your recent destinations, and it can also remember your favorites for access later.

Routing wise, stick with the "fastest" option, but you can play around the settings to get "shortest", or "pedestrian" modes. This may seem a little superfluous, but imagine you've parked in a car-park and need to make your way on foot to your final destination. The Nuvi 610 will then guide you there, powering itself off the internal rechargeable battery. For outdoors types this also means you can use it for simple Geocaching, entering the lat / long of your target.

While you're driving, the TMC antennae is listening out for congestion information - when it picks some data up, it transfers this to the Garmin and you can then choose to avoid snarl-ups - a great option when you can't be late for that important meeting. This service is free-for life in the UK - no subscription required.

As you probably know, its illegal to use your mobile phone while driving your car - so Garmin have included Bluetooth for hands-free operation. Check Garmins website for Phone compatibility and the features it will support.

If driving is a part of your job, you'll know the threat that the army of Speed Cameras now pose to your living. Garmin include a pre-loaded Safety Camera Database to warn you as you approach both fixed, and common mobile camera locations. You may want to subscribe on Garmins website to keep the database up to date, but that's purely optional.

Garmin were one of the first Sat Nav companies to introduce proper security to their devices - Garmin Lock provides a combination of PIN and Secure Location to protect your unit. This means that if you forget your PIN, just go to the place where you entered it, and the unit will unlock. Automatically.

There really isn't that much more to say about this sturdy, reliable GPS Sat Nav. The Windscreen bracket is the usual competent Garmin design - the operating system is incredibly easy to use, and it picks up a GPS signal nice and fast.

Criticisms? The voice is a little metallic, and it would have been nice to have an FM Modulator so we could play mp3's through our cars speakers, but hey, the Nuvi 610t is going for about £130 at the moment - a real bargain.

In conclusion, if you're after a GPS Sat Nav, with UK and Eire Maps, and could use the Hands-Free Mobile Feature, you can't really beat the Garmin Nuvi 610t in terms of features or price. Superb.

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Comments / Questions:

how can i upgrade my sat nav? I have this model and need it updated for ireland and uk. Lorraine.

Go to my Garmin and check for updates.

Sorry, but how can i put downloaded torrent files(maps) on to my garmin nuvi 610??? Can this be done??? Richard.

You can't use maps downloaded from Torrents or copied from other people because you'll also need a map serial number to make it work - and they cost money.

Try out the free maps at open street map , they're not as good as Garmin maps, but if moneys tight then its an option.

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