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Garmin StreetPilot C510

Garmin c510

Garmin StreetPilot C510d Review

Well, well, this looks very interesting. A full uk postcode in-car Satellite Navigation device, with a TMC traffic receiver, 3d maps, voice instruction, European maps (on cd), and Garmins excellent reputation, all for under 300? Yes please!

Based around the older 310, the Garmin 510 has a very crisp & clear touch screen, with a nice loud speaker, practical windscreen mount, and a TMC traffic aerial supplied as standard.

TMC is a free traffic information service that guides you around congestion. On the Garmin 510 its easy to use and worked well the only time I used it.

Ok, so what is the Garmin 510 like to use in your car? Once plugged in it picked up a Gps signal quickly, the map zooming into my location.

If you're used to the user interface on Tomtoms & Navman, the Garmin takes a little getting used too... Garmin makes it very easy for the novice user to find Poi's, points of interest, like petrol stations, car-parks, shopping, etc, with large icons at the front end of the "where to?" menu.

Full Post Codes makes finding your destination easy, and then we're off. If I have any criticisms off the 510 is that the voice directions are a little robotic, but the maps are very clear, if a little jerky. The voice instructions are well timed and loud enough.

The Garmin handled wrong turns & diversions well enough, and I had no cause to complain at its operation.

So would I recommend the Garmin 510 for 300 pounds? You get a lot with the TMC and European maps, but no Speed-Cameras (download option) or Bluetooth hands-free.

The Garmin wouldn't let you down, and is very competent, so I guess it depends which is more important, TMC or Bluetooth. If its TMC get the Garmin, Bluetooth get the Tomtom.

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I have a Garmin 510. Can you please give me the sequence of steps to allow/disallow the use of motorways in a route; to indicate that a particular section is blocked. Is it possible to see and modify Grmins choice of route? I would like if possible to download a User's Manual, Jim.

Here's the owners manual, I'm a bit rusty on the 510, but it should give you the info you need.

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