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Taking Down A Garden Shed The Easy Way

The Better Half Wanted My Shed Gone - But How Was I Going To Get Out Of That?

Now I quite liked my Garden Shed. Ok,. the roof may have leaked, it had boards for windows, and if you leant on it too hard it would almost topple over, but apart from that it was perfect. I could keep the Bikes and Garden tools in it, leaving our Garage free for my hobby stuff, and hopefully enough room for a pool table.

The Wife wasn't having it though. Go to get rid of that shed and put the trampoline there instead. Now I tried everything to stall her. Bad backs. Bad weather. Car troubles. But eventually it could be postponed no further and she demanded it was taken down that week-end.

Fine! I said - we'll have a bonfire (another passion of mine), but oh no that wasn't going to happen. The shed had to be dismantled piece by piece and taken to the Council Tip. That would take me at least an hour to take it apart, then about five trips in our little car. Virtually the whole day gone! Not an option.

I called on all my DIY Dodging skills - and there it was. Why not sell the Shed? On eBay! Oh yes! Now I know nobody would pay any money for it - but if I listed it for a penny on buy it now, with the proviso that had to come to my house, dismantle it and take it away - maybe we'd get a buyer!

Two days later they guy turned up with has mate. My back was giving me some grief that day ;-), but I did lend them some tools. I couldn't get them to take they heavy paving stones, but my shed was gone, and I didn't have to lift a finger! Job Done.

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