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DIY Dodgers Know Your Enemy!

These Home Improvement Evangelists Must Be Avoided At All Costs - Spread The Word!

Despite our best efforts to the contrary there are large segments of the media who are determined to drive the World's male population into domestic slavery every week-end, by their constatnt barrage of DIY Programmes, Home Improvements, Sell Your House, Build a Better Garden, etc - These are the ringleaders. Memorise them. Avoid at all costs.

Harry Green

Ah yes. Harry Green. Regarded by many as the father of modern DIY on television, this man has 50 years on the box championing Home Improvements.

Just check out the manic grin and wild eyes. Need I say more?


Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. I'm sure he's a very nice chap, familly man and all, but he is not to be forgiven for being one of the main protagonists behind that DIY Dodgers nightmare programme "Changing Rooms".

Helping to popularise the idea that interiors should be "fashionable, trendy and modern" LLB even encourages people to do these changes themself. Madness.


Ok, not a person in the strictest sense of the word, but Medium-density fiberboard or MDF as it likes its friends to call it, is the one material that has caused more damage to the DIY Dodging cause than any other.

Strong, durable, flexible, means the old excuse about poor materials can now no longer be used. On the TV DIY programmes its all they seem to use, so any harrassed husband is now expected to be able to knock up a book-shelf in 10 minutes with the damn stuff. Burn it!

House Doctor

Ah yes. Anne Maurice. House Doctor. Californian. Not that we should hold that against her, and it is true, through her programme she helps people sell their homes, but at what cost to the human soul?

Do we really need someone to tell us that the best way to attract buyers is to have a clean, uncluttered, neutrally decorated abode? I don't think so.

The worse thing? This whole ethos encourages people to do DIY improvements even if they're not selling! AAAAARRGGGHHH!

Anna Ryder Richardson

Another of the Changing room coven, Anna Ryder Richarson has been the creator of some of the worst designer mistakes seen on the show - who could forget the Red Bedroom with the knickers on the wall?

Worse still, you should see the way she treats poor Handy Andy and the other tradesmen - why do they put up with it?


Nick Kowles. Presenter of TV's DIY SOS, he really should know better. The numpties of this world can feel safe ripping down walls, pulling up floor-boards and generally making their houses unliveable, because if you can sew together a sad enough story, Nick and his team of reprobates will come and sort it all out for you.

Nominate your own enemies of DIY Dodging below - let's name and shame 'em!

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I nominate Barry Bucknell. Although now deceased, it was he who inspired everyone to put hardboard on top of panelled doors to make them into flush doors. Now it has come round and bitten everyone who did it on the bum, because it it now the fashion to rip them off, fill in the panel pin holes, strip them down to the bare wood and re-stain them. What a waste of time that was. Peter.

You're so right. What about artex ceilings? Now the fashion is plain, everyones covering up their swirls and stipples. Madness!!!!!

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