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Mowing The Lawn The DIY Dodger Way

Man And Beast Working Together To Tackle The Garden Jungle!

Ah, the simple pleasures of an Englishmans Garden! Sitting on the pation enjoying a nice cold glass of beer with the Wife while the kids play in the paddling pool, all under a beautiful late Summer afternoon Sun.

But wait! The problem with gardens is that they take so much looking after. Watering the plants, weeding, planting new ones (plants that is...) and The DIY Dodgers favourite, mowing the lawn.

So as I was dragging our ancient electric lawn-mower around the other day, I thought there has to be a better way. My better half had already refused my offer to concrete over the whole thing, or at least cover it in shingle. So the grass had to stay, but how could I get around cutting it?

As I gazed across the Garden my eyes locked onto our one-year old Guinea Pig, and as he looked back at me I realised I had another apprentice for the DIY Dodger Society. Just as in times gone past man and beast could work together to lighten the load - the Mk. 1 Guinea Pig Lawnmower was born!

You have to realise that this is a prototype. The next model will include motorised tracks that will slowly move the cage around the garden on a pre-determined route, meaning I don't have to keep dragging myself away from better things to do it myself. Even better we'll buy several more of these grass-guzzling cuties to get the job done in a fractioon of the time.

Watch the video and send me your ideas too, together we will overcome!

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