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Famous DIY Dodgers In History - You Are Not Alone!

This Is Not A Recent Trend, Lets Look For Insiparation To The Past!

I know it may be hard to believe, but down through history men and women have secretly (some not so secretly) been doing their best to avoid the evil that is DIY. Some you may have heard of, others not, but we can look to these great pioneers to inpsire our own efforts to avoid Do It Yourself, Home Improvement, call it what you will, and have our week-ends free to do what WE want !

We can also study how the brave stand made by these people often led to world changing events that simply would not have happened if they had stayed at home putting wall-paper up and making shelves.


For some, Socrates, the Ancient Greek philospher, will always be remembered for annoying the Athenian authorities and drinking hemlock.

DIY Dodgers should always give thanks for his creation of the Socratic Method of questioning, which helps us find the truth, and a way out of lost week-ends.

(The following quote is from Plato's Domesticulos, where he records Socrates discussions with his wife, Xanthippe).

So my dearest wife, why do you think that the wall of our lovely kitchen needs re-plastering?
Because dearest soc it is all cracked and falling to pieces!
Ah yes, mother of my sons, but are you not denying the true nature of plaster, that it is destined to deteriote, sag and discolour?
But bits keep falling into our food!
Who are we to say that plaster is not an inherent ingrediant of our meals, your reasoning is flawed and your judgement clouded! You must question yourself my wife, and only then you will find the answer! I'm off to the pub!

(Rumours that Socrates wife bribed the Athenian judges to force him to drink poison are hotly disputed by most credible historians.)

Duke Of Wellington

Famous for his final defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, Arthur Wellsey, who would become the Duke of Wellington is also less known for his vehement rejection of DIY and Home Improvements.

After returning home from his sucessful Indian Campaigns, Arthur was dismayed to find that his wife, Kity Pakenham, had made plans for the complete renovation of their country home.

So dismayed by this he immediatly took his Armies to Portugal to avoid being embroiled in the works, where his sucessful Peninsula canpaign eventually led to the defeat of Napoleon and restored order to Western Europe.


Isambard Kingdom Brunel. One of Britains greatest ever citizens, famous for outstanding Engineering achievements and for designing technology decades ahead of its time. The Great Western Railway, Clifton Suspension Bridge, Great Eastern Ocean Liner, just some of his finest moments, but did you ever ask why?

IKB was married to Mary Elizabeth Horsley, a notorious bore who was allergic to the wall-paint of the day. Combined with the unrecognised (at the time) malady of being bi-polar, she raged between hyperactivity and depression, demanding than her husband changed the wall-paper at least twice a month as fitted her mood.

Exasperated beyond the point of distraction IKB threw himself into his works, making himself our Greatest Victorian, a true predesessor to modern engineering, and a true DIY Dodger.


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