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Join The Revolution! Say NO To DIY, Lost Week-Ends, Sore Thumbs And Trips To B&Q!

Wait A Minute, The Wife Wants Me To Put Up Some More Picture Hooks...

Shhhh.... I'm typing this quietly in case the Wife hears. Listen. Do you hate DIY too? Would you rather be doing something else with your spare time than putting picture hooks up, laying laminate floors, putting flat-pack furniture together? Then there's shopping for the darn stuff..... (Or watching it on TV!)

Anyway, I've gathered together my ideas about how the average guy can avoid, cut down, or at least complete as fast as possible those tedious Do It Yourself jobs that we'd rather not be doing. Read on, contribute your own ideas, and JOIN THE REVOLUTION - SAY NO TO DIY and become a DIY DODGER! (Don't show this to my wife.)

How To Avoid DIY The DIY Dodger shares top tips to completely avoid, or reduce the amount of DIY you're subjected to.


The DIY Dodger's Mantra Why DIY is always a bad idea and should be avoided at all costs.

Cutting the Grass Without A Mower It can be done, you just need an army of Guinea Pigs.


Taking Down A Shed the Easy Way How I got rid of my old shed without lifting a finger.


DIY Dodgers In History Famous personages who we should look to for inspiration and ideas.


Know your Enemy We name and shame the legion of DIY evangelists who do their best to make our lives a misery!

DIY Accident Statistics Why You're better off staying in bed than picking up an electric drill...


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