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Garmin Nuvi GPS Sat Nav Alternative Voices Demo

At Last! Something Different From The Defaults!

One of the most common questions I get asked on the site is whether you can get different voices for Garmin Nuvi's - and now the answer is YES! The guys and girls at nav-voices.co.uk (link to the right of the video below) sent me a copy of their Ozzy voice (performed by an impersonator) and i have installed it on my Garmin Nuvi 200 so you can listen to the demo on the video below.

Comments / Questions:

Hi, dear! I would like to install Russian or Ukrainian voice languages on my brand new Garmin nuvi 200. Could you help me, please?

Check out Garmins Webupdater and see if the voices are available.

Are the nav voices TTS compatible? In your demo Ozzy doesn't seem to give the road name. Reg.


I want to change the voice on my Nuvi 250 but I don't really want a "celebrity". Can I get a normal voice replacement? Andy.

Well, you could try the US voice already on the unit.

Hi there, we have several different models of Garmin sat navs, do you have to have a different map upgrade for each model?? Hank.


Thanks for the tip.

Just downloaded the Alan Partrige voice... as he would say "supuuuurrb". Really funny!
The ozzy one swears a bit mind!

The Arnie voice is really accurate!

Would be good if they allowed demos of all the voices. I was going to buy the borat one, but because there's no demo, I haven't done so yet.

Great site thanks. Somerset Dave.


How acurate is the mph readout of a nuvi 200 or other satnavs for that matter?

More accurate than the one in your car.

Hi, Great site, just bought Nuvi 200, liked the fact that screen can be locked, but when I do this,after a few minutes screen darkens and the voice commands disappear. Is this right, I prefer only to listen to commands when driving. Graham.

Might be worth downloading and running the Garmin Web Updater, in cases there's a firmware update. With mine, when I lock the screen the sound goes off completely.

I have just bought the Garmin Nuvi 250 and had not seen this site until after. I am very pleased to echo your comments on the ease and intuitive use of this sat nav.
My only concern is the device does not appear to have a replaceable battery? which I may need in the future. Malcolm.

You're right that the battery will eventually start to fail, but that'll take a few years, and at that point you could send it back to Garmin for repair, but you'll probably find it more sense to buy a new unit with new maps and newer features.

I would like to know, please, if the nuvi 200 will charge via the pc (like an i-pod can) as my daughter  seems to have lost my car charger unit. I have a USB connector for the laptop which has brought up a screen, but that is all???? Don't want to risk leaving it connected if I am wrong.  Thanks

Yes, just connect it up like you have, don't worry about the screen.

Where can I get the Voice of Julian Clary for my Garmin Nuvi 360 europe, I heard it on a friends TOM TOM brilliant!

Check the link by the video - they may do one soon.

The video was good & helpful! I've just bought a nuvi 250W. I seem to have had problems saving locations to favourites.
If I just press "save" on the go page it doesn't save it but if I press save and then "done" it saves it with the yellow confirmatory pop up.
Is this how it should work ?

It may be saving them without a name, just numbering them - if not download the latest firmware update to see if that sorts it out.

Hi There,
I am a 7.5 tonne truck driver and have just bought my first satnav from ebay (big mistake)
now i cant register my garmin 250 because i dont have the original reciept but does this mean i cant get updates , and also because i drive a 7.5 tonne truck how do i avoid all those tiny little country roads and stick to main roads or motorways , Cheers Rob .

Just download their webupdater and you should still be able to update the operating system.

Press the spanner, settings, navigation, avoidances, and tick u-turns and unpaved roads. Also make sure "faster time" is selected in the route preference.

Be aware that the system will still take you down small routes, under low-bridges and over weight-limited bridges, so you'll still need your truckers atlas.

Just purchased the Yoda voice for my Garmin 250w. "Not bad but more realistic it could be, yes, hmmmm..."

"May the force be with you!"

John P.

Sue he would, Mr Lucas.

Why don't they make updates for Street pilot c530 that announce the street? Wallace.

Ah! Great question! I don't know!

can i get european maps for my nuvi 200 thanks. Graham.

Just go to Amazon and search for the Garmin City Navigator NT 2008 European Maps (not the upgrade.)

I just rec'd a garmin 200 for Fathers Day. is it possible to change the voice? If so just what do i have to buy to make the change? I am a novice so please explain, thanks. Dennis.

Err... click on the lick above, to the right of the video. It is a little technical to change the voice, so ask someone who knows a bit more about computers to help.

I will not be providing support for installing voices, or any problems that arise - direct all questions to the company who sells them!

where can i get MR T voice for my garmin satnav. Paul.

The guys at nav-voices are working with a new impersonator, so watch that site.

just bought and installed startrek voice --- big big disappointment - no catch phrases like advert "make it so" engage etc etc

will be re-installing original back. Kevin.

I guess they're limited by copyright in certain situations.

how does my nuvi 200 update maps my sales man told me it up dates from satelites is that true??? Theo.

No, he's lying. You have to buy map updates on DVD. However, if you bought it within the last couple of months, and it came with the old maps, register at Garmin and they might send you the  updates for free.

nice... sounded a bit like billy connolly though. Weejamer.

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