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Child Car Seat Laws in the USA & Canada

Baby Seats Are Compulsory In Most States

Child Car Safety Seat Law in the USA varies from State to State, so we've picked out some of the common places that you may be driving through, but I always recommend that you protect your child to the highest standards, like the new UK law on child seats.

California: Children must be in an appropriate child seat or restraint until they are at least 6 years old or weigh at least 60lbs. If the child weighs more than 40lbs they can use a lap belt in the rear of a car, if lap and shoulder belts aren't available. Children over 6 years or weighing more than 60lbs must be restrained, but an adult belt may be used.

Florida: Kids under 3 must be in a child seat, and children aged 4 to 5 can use an adult seat belt if a child seat is unavailable. Older children can use an adult seat belt.

Texas: Kids under 4 or less than 3 feet high must use the correct child seat.

For information on other US States car seat laws, click here.

While travelling by car in Canada, you must obey the following laws: Drivers must ensure that all children and infants are in a certified safety seat system. All babies under 9 months must be in a rearward facing seat. Infants weighing between 9 and 18kg must be in an appropirate child seat. All other children can use a lap belt.

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Hi, we are travelling to Florida in September and visiting Miami.  We are hiring a car. Our daughter will be 4 year old in November and is 41 inches tall.  Please can you tell us what car chair she will need.  Will a booster cushion be alright or do we have to have a full car chair. Jennifer.

You want her to be safe in an accident? Use a proper seat.

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