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Child Car Safety Seat Guides & Reviews

Its About Saving Your Child's Life, Not Just Complying With The Law!

The Safest Way To Travel!Every year in the UK, on average, 77 children are killed, 1200 are seriously injured and over 14,000 suffer minor injuries in car-accidents. (DfT Report 2006). In the USA over 800 children are killed in car accidents every year. Over 50,000 are seriously injured. (NCSA).

As a parent or carer it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your child while in your vehicle. Fact: Adult seatbelts do not protect children in the event of a car crash or accident. Fact: using the correct child seat will reduce the chances of injury by over 70%. Isn't it about time you started taking Child Car Safety seriously, from the Birth of your Child right through to when they're big enough to use an adult belt, that is over 4' 5" or 135 cm? (Approx 7-12 years old.)

I've worked a lot with child seats over the years, through buying and fitting them for my own children, to the hundreds I have fitted for customers over the years, so what you'll be finding here are guides, reviews, advice, the law, and anything else to do with making your child's journey in your car much, much safer.

Although Baby and Child Car Safety Seats are often referred to in age terms, weight is more important, and remember, not all seats fit all cars, so you must try (in every car the seat will be going in) before you buy.


High Back Booster Child SeatNew UK Law On Child Seats


Rearward Seat With Support LegEuropean Law on Child Seats

Not Sure About The Colour....US & Canadian Law on Child Seats


Standard Infant SeatWhich Child Car Seat Should You Choose?


High Back BoosterHow To Test if Your Child Seat Is Fitted Correctly


Readward Newborn Seat The Perils of Second-Hand Baby-Seats

Newborn Baby Seat Newborn Baby Seats 0-9 Months


Infant Seat Infant Child Seats 9 months - 4 years

Junior SeatJunior Child Seats 4 - 11 years


Always Follow The Instructions!How To Fit Your Child Seat


Comments / Questions:

i have an estate car with a seat kit in the boot. its like a back seat but in the reverse position so children are facing out the boot window. i need to find a seat that has been tested and okayed for being in this persition but also been tested and passed for fitting in the boot area. i have a seat suitable for rearward and front facing but it hasnt been tested for use in the boot area. if anyone knows of a model of child car seat suitable pls drop a line thank you.


This may seem a really dumb question, but will fitting a baby seat mark or damage the leather seats in my car? Deb.

Not dumb. Yes, child seats will ruin leather seats and cosmetically damage almost all other seats in some way or another. Get down to your local car store and buy the special seat protectors, usually with the baby-seat accessories.

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