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I Need Your Help To Get Some New Kit!

If You Found The Site Useful, Please Help Me Out!

Hi! My name's Rob Nunn, I run this website as a hobby - although I have to say it's grown to a size that I'd never imagined.

The goal behind it is to help with technology, through reviews and guides, answering peoples queries on all sorts of subjects.

I don't get any of the items you see on the site for free, I have to pay for them all, and I was wondering if you could be so kind as to help out.

If you've found the site useful and informative (or just want to help out) please go to Amazon.co.uk and buy me an Amazon Gift Certificate, payable to my personal email address,


Click on this link to go to Amazon.co.uk's gift certificate page. (Will open in a new window).

I use these gift certificates to buy new products to review, test and then write guides and videos, to make the site better and more comprehensive for all who use it.

If you're kind enough to donate, thank you very much, and I hope you enjoy the site!

Thanks again, Rob (and Toby The Rabbit), September 2008.


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