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The vehicle on my garmin 250w has shrunk
(the width is approx the same as road width) & I cannot restore size, any ideas ?

Try a different vehicle, settings, map, vehicle.

Having read your observations on the Garmin 200, I wonder if you think the Garmin 265 is worth the extra cost. The only main difference I can see is the text to speech facility which seems a great addition, but I wonder if it's any good. Ian.

If you've got the cash, yes.

hi i have a nissan skyline r34 which came complete with a pop up xnavia sat nav cd systen
it plays cds ok but i cant get the rest of it to work as its in japanese
i have herd it can be adjusted or a an english disc inserted to convert it to english can you recommend anywhere i could go to take a look at it? im based min lincolnshire area but i work in notts regards ray.

Post the question on the Skyline Owners Forum.

i bought a tomtom one xl t france can i change voices and software in english? Paul.

Its in the settings.

I just bought the Garmin Etrex H. Your 13 min. video was great. We went right out and found all 3 caches we were looking for. My question is how do I enter a coordinate "N 35.654261", when my Garmin will not allow me to enter a number larger than 5? Tim.

Use the buttons on the side to scroll down to get to the higher numbers...

How can I get my Tom Tom Go 730T to play mp3 tracks from the memory card instead of it's internal memory? There does not appear to be a menu item for this. Many thanks. Steve.

Check this thread.

Hi, is it possible to copy and paste the 2009 maps from my friends nuvi 255w to replace my 2008 maps on my nuvi 255w, if so wich files are they when you have it connected to your pc.
If not then i will have to dig deep, thanks for this great website. John.

Sorry, I don't think you can do that.

can you tell me how to download the data for the speed camera on my keomo sat navemodel  km_rg_pnd i looked on software and cant seem to find it where it is. Tony.

Keomo have gone bust, I don't think anyone's doing the speed camera files for it.

just purchased a tom tom 510 go.turned it on the screen came up with all languages cannot get it on the english uk,just keeps going back to latsviski.gone through set up book and cannot find anything for language change.before i send this back can you help?.tryed tapping screen for main menu but no joy.     cheers chris

Send it back.

hi i have tomtom go 730T. it used to read aloud street names but since yesterday it wouldn't.
i ac also see that there are no computer voices in the chage voice window.
please help.

Try connecting your GPS to the TomTom home software to recover the files - follow the instructions that come with the disc.

Hi, i am going to buy the Garmin Nuvi 760T (City Navigator NT Europe Maps). Please can you tell me if there is map for Cyprus in the packet? Chris.

Sorry, as far as I understand Garmin haven't done proper maps of Cyprus yet.

i was given a GARMIN STREETPILOT C310 but it keeps asking me to conect to the pc disk which my friend did not av is it useless?

Carefully prise off the front facia and press the reset button.

how do I download my own music (downloaded onto my laptop from cd's)onto my new nano ipod please? Rae.

Download the latest copy of itunes, then let it search for your music. If you've got itunes already, select "file" then "import folders" and just select your music folder.

I have got my free trial of safety cameras and downloaded to my Garmin Nuvi 200. But noticed some are missing - I reported this to the site and they said they were updating the info last week so I downloaded again today. I have 2 questions - Will the second dowmload overwrite the first one? and is there a way of seeing the speed camers that are loaded on the handset to save me having to actually drive to the location to check if they are working.
Your advise would be greatly appreciated. Mark.

The new file will overwrite the old one. Put your Garmin into simulation mode and you can review the route from your arm chair.

plz could u help i have had my car broken in to and my lead for my satnav was stolen i need a replacment plz could u give me details on how to do this thanks for your help. Tracie.

Depends on the make and model of your Sat Nav. Amazon normally do spares for most units.

The Garmin 255wt seems to offer the features that I want. Can I get a sound output to connect to an alternative headphone unit (Autocom)? Roland.


I have download POI's on to my nuvi 200 but non of the associated symbols appear on the map ? Such as 'S' for Sainsburys.I've used the POI Loader the POI were in CSV format. Steve.

Press "where to", then "extras" and "custom poi's". Select a poi, then press "map". Zoom in to see if the icon appears.

Get back to the main menu, press the spanner, "settings", "map", "normal".

That should work, if not, try a reset and reinstall.

I have a car fitted with a solar glass windscreen. Will the use of a tom tom sat nav be compromised by this? Brian.

Probaly not, but try before you buy!

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