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Bluetooth Hands Free Kits - Get Legal Now!

Which In Car Kit To Buy? Read Our Reviews and Buyers Guides To Help You With Your Purchase

Parrot 3200 LS-COLORLet's not get confused about this - if a Police Officer sees you using a mobile phone or data device in your vehicle, you will be pulled over and you will get a £60 fine and points on your license. It's an easy prosecution and the Government is sure that this is an effective way to reduce road accidents. You have been warned!

Make sure that when you are driving you are using a bluetooth headset to be the safest driver on the road.

So now it's time to make sure you've got the right kit in your car. Get a Bluetooth Mobile Phone (most are Bluetooth already) then get a phone kit for your car. Remember this doesn't give you the right to use your phone while driving - if involved in an accident or caught driving erratically you could still be prosecuted for dangerous driving or driving without due care and attention. The message is clear, avoid using your phone in your car, but if you must, you now have to have a hands-free kit. Use our reviews and guides to help you choose the one that's right for you, at the right price.


Psion Series 7The Law Avoid ahefty fine and points on your license by knowing the legality of using your mobile while on the move.



Dashboard pictureWhat Type of Kit? Wired-in, headset or speaker - which Bluetooth device is right for you?


Parrot CK3100 Review - New version of the popular hands free kit for your mobile phone. Nokia CK-20w Hands-Free Car Kit Review. Quick look at this great little piece of kit.

ck 3000Parrot CK3000 Evolution A great wired-in hands free device that raises the bar in terms of usability and function.


Psion 5mxParrot 3200 ls-Color Do you really need to see pictures of who's calling you while driving? We're not sure if that's safe in our review.



Plug n Go AlphaPama Plug n Go Alpha Top quality Bluetooth visor-mounted speaker with caller display. Sony Bluetooth CD PlayerSony MEX-BT 2500 Bluetooth Cd Radio head-unit that although capable of audio streaming, disapoints as a hands-free kit.

Pioneer Bluetooth Car StereoPioneer DEH-P55BT Good quality head unit that offers the features from a Bluetooth hands free that we have come to expect.


MK6000 by ParrotParrot MK6000 Better call sound quality and mp3 streaming - in our review we see if it's worth the extra cash.
Parrot Minikit Hands-FreeParrot Minikit Bluetooth Speaker Top quality Bluetooth sun-visor mounted speaker system that offers almost all the features of a wired-in kit.  

Psion 5 Motorola HF850 Professionally installed system that delivers, but is a Parrot better?


Psion Revo Motorola T305 Good value basic Bluetooth speaker that delivers, read our review.

Psion 3a Motorola H350 Another headset type device that can be had for bargain prices.


Revo Screenshot Sony Ericsson HBH-PV700 Colour coded fashion accessory or decent option? Maybe both.

Comments / Questions:

Hi gerry, you tried to call me yesterday, anything I can help you with?

yes - i am after a hands free car kit

ok, do you want one installed in the car or one you can take out?

not sure but i guess it would be handy to be portable but with a plug in set up so it is properly fixed in place

ok, the "wired in" devices obviously are stuck in that car, but you don't have to remember to charge them, and you can't forget to take them with you either, but it's best to get them profesionally installed. Check these out.

thats a great little device that is hard wired into your car, no screen though
if you want one that can identify the caller before you answer, look at this one

If you want one you can take out, this is a great device to clip onto your sun-visor

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