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Big Boys Toys Reviews, Projects and Articles

The Things You Wish You Had As A Kid, Get Them For Your Children Now!

you know you want one!I Remember playing with my electric powered R/C car, seeing the big kids and adults with their petrol models, thinking I Wish I Had One Of Those!

The Perfect Christmas Gift For The Man Who Has Everything? Maybe.

Men (boys!) everywhere love fast cars - and the subject of this part of our website are the things you wished you had as a kid (or maybe they didn't make back then) now you can buy them for your children - or yourself!

Fitting failsafeFitting a failsafe to my HPI MT2. Video of how to fit one of these useful little devices.



HPI Savage 21HPI Savage 21 Comes Home Time to get cracking and finish the restoration project, but all is not well with the transmission...

MT2 Cockpit ViewMT2 On-Board Camera Vid Yes, it's another video of my HPI MT2 in action!




BMX TrackMT2 Visits Local BMX Track for the first time - and it was great!


HPI Savage XHPI Savage X Review Could HPI's latest RTR version of their popular Monster Truck be the best ever? Read our Review.


MT2 Side ViewIf You Go Down To The Woods Today... another video-clip of my MT2 in action.

Mt2 Stadium TruckHPI MT2 First Run I've finally got an off-roader - and what a scorcher...



MT2 VideoHPI MT2 First Video Not great quality, but it gives an idea of the MT2's potential...

Another cockpit view videoNitro Adrenaline Rush... My views (and a video) on the advantages of running a Niro Touring Car.


Cam CarHow To Fix A Camera To Your Nitro Car - A quick article and a short video. Yes, I am addicted to Youtube.

tamiya frogTamiya Frog Project A great Electric RC off-road Buggy, can I bring it back to life?


Electric or Niro?Electric or Nitro? In Radio Control Cars, which is best for you?



Tamiya SkylineTamiya GT.RLM Skyline Project A Mint 4wd 1/10 Electric Car For £15? Can I get it working in time for xmas?


HPI ViperHPI Nitro RS4 Evo I couldn't resist this petrol powered 1/10th Remote Control Touring Car beast for £100, they usually go for over £250!


HPI Nitro RS4 BMWHPI Nitro 3 Evo BMW Joins the pack - another £99.99 bargain!



BMW RTR 3 Cooling DownRTR 3 Evo BMW First Run It was meant to be for tuning after running in, but with only thirty minutes it was only ever going to be a quick bash....

HPI Dodge ViperRTR 3 Evo Dodge Viper First Run A couple of day's after the BMW's outing, it was the Viper's turn.


Viper VidHPI Viper First Vid Quality isn't great, but it should give you an idea of how fast these cars go.... Now There's also a second viper video for your viewing pleasure....

HPI BMW VidHPI BMW First Vid Here it is, semi-tuned and ready to rock....


HPI mt2HPI MT2 Nitro RTR A 4wd truck at a bargain price. Great handling and top speed. Who needs a savage?


Savage MiniHPI Savage Review A Monster of a truck - HPI's best ever?



Rush EvoHPI Rush Evo A Great Stadium Truck, and maybe the best choice for the Nitro R/C Beginner.


HellfireHPI Hellfire A 1/8th Performance Truck with Savage beating capability - yes please!


Dirty Nitro Touring Cars!Nitro Car Clean-up After a good few runs it's time to clean up the Viper & the BMW...

Off Road BuggyOn Or Off Road? Which is the best option for you....



Nitro FuelNitro Fuel Explained... Get Your 16s and 25s mixed up? Does it go off? Read our simple guide.


Tamiya King TigerTamiya RC King Tiger a massive 1/16 scale R/C Tank that has to be seen to be believed...



HPI Baja 5bHPI Baja 5b This monster is 33" long and runs off petrol / gasoline. Its got a 2 horsepower engine and can take on anything...


HPI FirestormHPI Firestorm RTR Replaces the ever popular Rush Evo - can it live up to our expectations?


Cockpit View VideoHPI RS4 Cockpit View Video Quality isn't good, but it does give an ok impression of speed...

Nitro EngineNitro Engine Starting Guide Trouble with your nitro engine? Maybe we can help.


Escort Body ShellRTR Nitro 3 Rally Conversion How I'll be turning my touring car into an off-road beast...


Nitro vs The Real Thing!Nitro Radio Control Cars Video Clips Unsure whether to get a Nitro R/C Car, check these videos out & you'll be convinced! How Fast?How Fast Are Nitro Cars? A short article comparing the top speeds of popular models.

damaged savage 21Savage 21 Restoration Project A Damaged HPI Savage 21 - time to repair it and get it running again! Read Part 2.


Pocket PC ThemesNitro Pocket Pc Themes to download & use on your own device.






Damaged RS4Rs4 Evo Repair After one too many crashes the servo mounts were broken - time to get out the Araldite once again!


Another cockpit video RS 4 Evo Throttle Repair I was so chuffed at fixing the sticking throttle on my HPI Viper that I made another video...

Ford GT40 BodyshellHPI RS4 Bodyshells We look at some of the best to personalise your Nitro Touring Car.


MT2MT2 Project How I'm attempting to give up smoking so I can afford a brand new stadium truck....

RS4 Fuel Pipe Split and how I fixed it.


RS4 Failsafe Installation WHAT? You haven't fitted a failsafe to your Nitro Car? Do It NOW!



My brother recently moved out of the family home and left me his RS4 RTR 3 EVO BMW (I think thats it's right name) Nitro car. He said I will need to get a new exhaust system and he thinks the gears need replaced.  Can you give me any advice on what to do and where I can buy the parts for the car? James.

Go to the HPI Europe Website and download the user manual, then just search yellow pages for a model shop nearby, and go in and order the parts.


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