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New Apple IPod Touch 8gb / 16gb / 32gb Review

Widescreen Video, Wi-Fi, Touch-Screen - The Best Ipod Yet?

New Apple Ipod TouchHot on the heals of the iphone comes the new Apple Ipod Touch - taking the portable media player to the next level - with an amazing touch-screen and wi-fi connectivity. Playing both music and video, could the Ipod Touch be the best Ipod ever?

Out of the box and switching it on the Ipod Touch impresses straight away. Sure, other devices have similar features and capabilities, but it's the smooth way this Ipod operates, from switching menus, to flicking through Album art (cover flow) to looking at contacts. It's very, very impressive. No mp3 player or Pocket PC I have used come close to the sheer usability of the Ipod Touch, no slow-down, tricky menus or quirky operating systems, Apple have just worked their magic and come up with the next step up in music / video players.

So why should you buy a Touch over normal iPods? Let's look at its stand-out features. The first big change over standard Ipod is the beautiful 3.5" widescreen. Perfect for watching videos or film on the move, and with 16gb version you could fit up to 20 hours worth of footage on the Ipod Touch (Update: memory has now been doubled with a 32gb version available!). Next is wi-fi. Paired with the supplied Safari Browser this gives you true Internet access without having to struggle with the small screen as per your average Pocket PC. Safari renders normal web pages properly, and you can zoom in to read the text normally, working better than any pocket versions of Internet Explorer that I have used. You have to be in range of your home wireless network, or at a wireless Hotspot, but this is a welcome addition. The addition of Wi-Fi also enables you to directly access the Itunes music shop and download songs direct to your Ipod, very useful.

We also have a picture viewer, calendar, contacts lists, games and clock. But you didn't buy an Ipod for those!

The core use for any Apple Ipod buyer will be music, and the 16 gb version of the touch will store up to 3500 songs, and the battery will last about 22 hours on a full charge.

So is the new Apple Ipod touch the right mp3 player for you? If you want the latest, coolest gadget, then probably, but for me you would have to be really into the mobile video features or wi-fi internet surfing to make it a sensible proposition. If you're more into your music then the new Ipod Classic could be a better buy. The current price on Amazon for a 16gb Touch is £260, but if you compare Apple Ipod Touch prices at idealo.co.uk, you may get yourself a right bargain. You can get the 160gb Ipod Classic for £214. That's ten times as much music storage for a cheaper price. The new Ipod Classic also has a longer battery life at 40 hours - so it's better in that respect too.

Remember too that the Touch uses Flash memory, which is faster and much more durable to bumps and knocks than the Hard Drive Memory used in a Classic.

My verdict? If you have to have video, wi-fi and internet capability, get the Ipod Touch. You will not be sorry, it is a truly outstanding device.

If you mainly want music storage, go for the new Ipod Classic, it's a much bigger mp3 player for less cash.

If you've already made up your mind, why not:

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Comments / Questions:

Is there ANY way with the iPod touch to disable the internet access?

Turn the wi-fi off.

Does the iPod Touch have to be charged directly out of the box?

I think in the instructions it recommends you give it a full charge, but it'll probably turn on.

I would like to buy an ipod touch for downloading movies.  How many could I store on a 16gb compared with a 32gb?

It depends on the compression you use, but in general a 16gb touch will hold about 20 hours of video, and a 32gb 40 hours.

Do you have to pay to use the internet on the itouch?and also can u get a windows live messenger on it and does that have the same hotspot problem? Louise.

Check this link.

Do i need a pc or mac to use my ipod touch as i currently have neither.


How do we, or can we, transfer photos directly from camera into ipod touch ??

I understand that "disk use" has been disabled on the Touch and iPhone, so I don't think you can transfer photos directly.

I'm gettng the ipod touch or my birthday an i' confused alreay, what is considered as a 'hot spot'? And if i have the internet at home, can i acsess safari on my ipod touch? Taylor.

A Hot Spot is simply an area covered by a wireless access point, or router. If you've got a wireless router at home, you can use that.

I've heard that the iPod Touch can be used as a GPS. Is this true? Wayne.


Please could you tell me where i can get a step by step guide to downloading cd albums onto my ipod touch. Lauren.

Check out my itunes guide for adding your own music, or you can buy tracks from itunes, Amazon, or lots of other mp3 / aac sellers.

When i type in the key to my wireless network it says unable to connect but the key works on my laptops, why won't it let me connect via my ipod touch ? Sarah.

Check out this link.

I am getting an ipod Touch for my birthday and i am really confused so, u will basically need to either be in reach of a wireless router or i heard something that u can buy it from Itunes??! Kim.

You need to be in-range of a wireless router.

I have a USb Wifi adapter, will that work with the iPod touch if I want to connect to wifi? Jack.

It might (it's worth a go if you've already got one), but you'll really need a wireless router to create an access point for your Ipod Touch.

i know with the iphone u can go on the internet anywhere because i was going to school on the bus wid ma m8s but can u do the same with ipop touch? Jake.

You can only access the internet on an ipod touch when you're in range of a wi-fi network, so no browsing on the bus I'm afraid.

I am trying to connect my ipod to the net using my broadband at home and its not working. can this be done???? Mike.

If you've got a wireless network at home (ie a wireless router), your Ipod Touch can access the internet using that.
See page 21 of the Ipod Touch User Guide

Are you able to transfer songs onto the ipod touch from a normal PC without needing an apple mac? Lucy.

Yes, all Ipods work just as well with normal Windows PC's as they do with Macs.

Do you need to access an a wireless access point at home or can u use safuri wherever? Levi.

With the touch you'll have to be near to, and logged on to, a wireless access point or "hotspot" to access the internet.
At home this could be your own wireless router, while on the high street you've you starbucks, mcdonalds, most hotels, etc - but for most you will have to pay a subscription to access. (The iphone comes with access to plenty of free hotspots, but for the price they're charging for it, it should!)


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