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New Apple Ipod Nano 4gb / 8gb Review

The Coolest Ipod Adds Video and a Superb Screen..

Apple Ipod NanoThe first generation Apple Ipod Nano was probably the coolest mp3 player out there.

Can you remember the first time you actually picked one up and marveled at how incredibly slim and small it was?

With the release of the iPhone and Ipod Touch its easy to overlook the startling makeover given to Apple's mini Ipod - but we won't, so lets get stuck in!

First up lets look at the capacity. Up to 8gb now (a 4gb version is available), that's roughly about 2000 songs or 8 hours of video. Yep, VIDEO! It may be small, but Apple have crammed a 2" 320x240 full colour display onto the front of this little beauty, and it is incredible crisp.

Now you're not going to be spending the whole day watching films on it, but all of a sudden portable movie players seem like a good thing - imagine watching your favourite episode of Lost on the commute to work, or catching up on that late night movie you couldn't stay awake for?

All this would mean nothing without decent battery life, and we get about 24 hours of use from a full charge when listening to Audio, and about 5 hours when watching video.

A quick word on those storage figures. Apple are notorious for upgrading their products at a furious rate, so I wouldn't be surprised to see 16gb or 32gb versions coming out soon.

Coverflow makes an appearance on the Nano for the first time - now you can flick through the Album art of your music using the ever dependable touch-wheel. Everything is smooth and sharp. Utilising the screen we can have a slide show of our pictures, or play games, look at our calendar, all the little extras that you probably will only use once in a blue moon.

What impressed me the most was the sheer size of the thing, or lack of it. It is hard to believe that Apple have managed to fit so much functionality into such a small device. The pictures and video don't do it justice - you really have to hold one and use it to get the full effect, but trust me you'll want one even more.

The refreshing thing about the Nano is also the price. You can pick up a 8 gig version for about £120 - refreshingly cheap when compared to the silly prices for the new Ipod Touch and Iphone.

So who should buy the New Ipod Nano? If you use a device when running or exercising the nano is the perfect choice, or if you just don't need the massive storage capacity of the Classic. To be honest, isn't 2000 songs enough for most people? (Sound of people shouting NO!)

I really like the new Nano and think it will be on many peoples Christmas lists this year and next - well done Apple, another winner!

If you've already made up your mind, you could:

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Not that great on tech stuff but how can i put a film from my dvd collection on to my nano please help me. Billie.

Check out this guide: Putting DVD on your Ipod Nano.

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